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"The features that you get with Teamtailor outpace all of the other platforms I have evaluated. The AI technology and integration tools make it cost-effective and removes much of the mundane processes associated with recruiting."

Charles Mangino
Head of People, Decusoft

"Our candidate pool has grown by leaps and bounds. It's so much easier to connect with candidates in the system. Our hiring process is quick and easy for all users (applicants, admins, etc.) and we really like the transparency when it comes to seeing where a candidate is in the process."

John Hastings
Director of Human Resources, Amphitheater Public Schools

“With Teamtailor, we’re getting 40-50 more high-quality candidates that we were never able to get before.”

David Robertson
Director, Human Resources/Labour Relations, Twin Rivers Unified School District
Get better results

Streamline and optimize your recruitment

Attract & convert

Give candidates an incredible experience and get results. Over 4 million candidates connect with our customers every month.

Candidate experience

Manage & analyze

Discover why thousands of the smartest recruiters in the world use Teamtailor to collaborate and recruit successfully.

ATS features to support collaboration
Streamline and optimize your recruitment

Teamtailor isn't just a piece of software. It's a way of working.

Our all-in-one recruitment software creates a frictionless, seamless hiring experience for teams and candidates.

  • All you need, all in one place

    With Teamtailor, you get everything you need in one place: analytics, an AI assistant, customizable workflows, powerful integrations, and more.

  • Easy to use and implement

    Onboard hiring managers with minimal training and get started right away thanks to our software’s easy implementation and intuitive, user-friendly interface.

  • Built with candidates in mind

    Candidate experience is at the heart of our ATS. Just ask any of the 4M+ million candidates who connect with our customers every month.

Our customers see results 🚀

Collaborate better with their team
See an increase in qualified candidates
Say their hiring process is faster
Powerful integrations

Integrate with our partners

Streamline your recruitment process by integrating with the best tools on the market.
We help companies of all sizes

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For small & medium-sized businesses

Whether you’re a startup or an SMB, Teamtailor gives you everything you need to market your employer brand and grow your business.

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For enterprises

Our all-in-one recruitment software helps enterprises streamline their hiring processes, attract top talent, engage with candidates, improve team collaboration...and get results.

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  • Live chat support for all users

    Get help within minutes via our live chat or email.

  • Quick and easy onboarding

    Get started with Teamtailor right away. Our onboarding team is here to support you.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

    We give you everything you need to succeed.

See what our users are saying:

"Excellent ATS for a scaling company with flexible hiring processes"
Jasmine A.
"This ATS is THE BEST I worked so far as it not only incorporates an user friendly experience but is also highly customizable".
Inês P.
Amazing tool for recruitment and employer branding!
Victoria C.
For anyone approaching Teamtailor as the first ATS used in an organisation, they'll discover how thoughtful the onboarding is.
Eugenio D.
There are a lot of good attributes that I like: the Career site is easily made your own, the recruitment parts that would take a lot of time are automated.
Isabella O.
The system is very modern - we switched from another recruitment system and now working with Teamtailor is a relief. It's much more candidate-friendly.
Dawid N.
What do I like best about Teamtailor? The automation and co-pilot AI solution. It's easy to use and easy to train people on the tool.
Burcu E.
Teamtailor has everything I need plus a little extra.
Hayley A.
I love Teamtailor! It gives us complete control of our recruitment processes, which is absolutely necessary when recruiting as much as we do.
Aksel H.
Teamtailor is by far the simplest and most efficient system I have experienced.
Philip R.
Solid ATS with strong user experience. Candidates love it. Easy to keep track of candidate processes.
Sophia B.
Teamtailor superfan! As a recruiter and HR lead at a small startup, Teamtailor makes my life a lot easier.
Emily J.
Excellent ATS and recruitment marketing system. Teamtailor is a flexible, competitively price applicant tracking and recruitment marketing system.
Victoria B.
Easy, intuitive, productive. It's so easy to collaborate and stay productive!
Karla S.
Very good experience. Easy to use, predictive. I really like and recommend this ATS.
Jerónimo H.
Outstanding product! Easy onboarding and the product is so easy to use.
Peter D.
Extremely friendly time and user-friendly software! Easy to use, helpful team, easy to modify for your company's needs.
Elina R.
Great level of automation and well-considered triggers to move volume candidates through the pipeline. A lot of time-saving tools versus other ATS providers
Gregor M.
Teamtailor is absolutely worth it! The product itself has made our recruiting efforts much easier.
Stephanie S.
Fantastic experience. It helps manage all my applicants and jobs.
Sarah P.
It's a perfect match for an HR professional/recruiter. Teamtailor is really user-friendly, has great features, and the team behind it is really helpful.
Kata T.
Life and time saver! Highly recommended. Teamtailor's ability to automate the hiring funnel has been game-changing.
Ryan GW.
Teamtailor is the ATS that all other providers wish they were.
Raphael F.
Incredible ATS with a super customer support!
Rita F.
After demoing 10+ ATS platforms, Teamtailor made sense for so many reasons.
Kylie B.
Great ATS! Teamtailor is very user-friendly, I love how visible everything is!
Milda L.
Great experience with the product and the team. Implementation is easy and support is really great.
Guillaume A.
Very smooth experience with Teamtailor! The interface, it really fits with the expectations of my generation and the mix of rigor and fun. 10/10 !
Anouk L.
Teamtailor is the ROCKSTAR of the ATS world!
Caitlin I.
Smooth and efficient. It's intuitive and saves a huge amount of time. More flexibility than similar software packages.
Sue W.
Recruitment made easy! Hands down, the best thing about Teamtailor has got to be how easy it is to use.
Tracey D.
Teamtailor has it all. Easy applications to fill, many optional features to use and quick responses from the support via chat.
Oskari H.
An excellent ATS. It's easy to use, intuitive, has a lot of features that all the team can use to improve the selection process.
Marc B.
Great all-in-one-solution!
Daniel V.
The best ATS on the market! The system is intuitive and even our hiring managers say it's simply fool-proof.
Karolina N.
It is so user-friendly. It's aesthetically pleasing, it's intuitive and it just makes sense. The support team are incredibly helpful!
Ibi E.
Easy to use and packed with features that save time, boost productivity, and assist users in finding better jobs and candidates.
Verified reviewer
Easy to use and filled with features to make every step of hiring efficient and quality-oriented.
Very good HR system. The recruitment is now much easier.
Easy to use, fun to use, and makes recruitment so much easier. And customer service is just one click away.
Great level of automation and well-considered triggers within the recruitment pipeline.
It's very user-friendly and intuitive to use - love it! It has definitely made our job easier and more effective. :)
A great ATS for recruitment and employer branding.
Teamtailor has been the best tool I have found with the best ROI ever.
I love that the system is modern, easy to use and has tons of smart functions that help me and my colleagues save a lot of time when recruiting.
The best ATS I've come across in my 10+ years experience of recruiting.

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