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"I ADORE your software and mention it constantly to my clients and to candidates. I have never had such positive responses from candidates as I get with your software. The customer service is exceptional, and the functionality continues to grow and is easy to learn. What's not to love?"

Charlotte Berry
Charlotte Berry
Founder, Higher Frog

"Teamtailor is so easy to use with a very engaging career site that represents and promotes our employer brand brilliantly. It's good value for money and has increased our access to candidates overnight. WSET loves Teamtailor – it’s made our lives so much easier. The most important aspect of it for me is that it allows our managers to build relationships and rapport directly with candidates from the advert through to offer. It’s the best system investment I’ve made in many years."

Wendy Harpur
Chief People and Culture Officer, WSET

“With Teamtailor, we reach more applicants more quickly, have increased our communication (via messaging), and have increased our applicant pool by 4.2x.”

Zak Morek
HRIS Analyst , Amphitheater Public School

“We have decreased our time to fill by over 50% and sourced higher quality candidates than before. The career site has instilled confidence that they are joining a professional and experienced company and triggers get them through the process faster.”

Phil Coakley
Director of HR, Trendsetter Homes

"The features that you get with Teamtailor outpace all of the other platforms I have evaluated. The AI technology and integration tools make it cost-effective and removes much of the mundane processes associated with recruiting."

Charles Mangino
Head of People, Decusoft

"I love Teamtailor! It's so friendly and fun to use. Our candidates get a great experience and enjoy filling out applications. I've used other products, but nothing else is quite like TT. <3 I love telling other people about it, I feel like I've found a "secret" awesome ATS."

Erica Lydell
People & Culture Director, John Fluevog Shoes

“With Teamtailor, we’re getting 40-50 more high-quality candidates that we were never able to get before.”

David Robertson
Director, Human Resources/Labour Relations, Twin Rivers Unified School District

"Overall, I love Teamtailor and speak highly of it any chance that I can get. I love how easy it is to use and the upkeep is pretty easy if you've set your templates up. I wish that developer support would be a little more in sync time-wise as it feels like some resolutions have taken a while to complete due to the time differences. I really appreciate everyone's support and assistance through all the ups and downs as we've used the product. The customer service team is amazing and I wish I could give them all a high-five as they've been a blessing! Everyone I've spoken with has been friendly and enjoyable to work with."

Ethan Mortensen
People Operations Manager, Colorado Autism Consultants

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