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Save time and money with AI pre-screening interviews that candidates love

Automate manual and tedious screening interviews with an AI Recruiter. Speed up your recruitment process by 30% thanks to our AI Interviewer, which provides a fair and unbiased evaluation of all applicants while improving your employer branding.

ChattyHiring is a cutting-edge platform transforming the recruitment process by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to interview Candidates.

Start using a Virtual Recruiter that, using AI, it automatically interviews candidates to save hours to HR professionals to screen and pick the best candidates 

Thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence recruiters, ChattyHiring interviews & analyzes the top talent for you to take the best decisions

  1. AI-Powered Efficiency: Boost recruitment processes by 30% with AI, offering unbiased candidate evaluations and enhancing employer branding​​.
  2. Speed and accuracy: Get Key information from your candidates in <72hours.
  3. Enhancing Candidate Experience: Every candidate feels valued, enhancing the company's reputation (scoring 9,1 out of 10 from candiates feedback)

Enjoy additional benefits from our platform:

- Voice interviews

- 24/7 Candidate Engagement 

- WhatsApp integration​

- Unbiased Analysis promoting diversity and inclusivity​​

Attracting top talent, staying competitive, and supporting data-driven decision-making​​., is all about leveraging AI to create a more efficient, fair, and candidate-friendly recruitment process, showcasing a commitment to innovation and excellence in talent acquisition.