Supercharge your recruitment with our integrations


Hire better, faster—with in-depth, automated references. HiPeople provides verified 360° insights to identify the best talent and drastically reduce the cost of mis-hires.


Automatically test candidates, run reference and background checks, track candidate experience, and measure quality of hire.

Always make the best hire. Faster.

HiPeople makes it easy to collect in-depth talent and recruiting insights at scale. Gather rich insights, and make better hiring decisions. With HiPeople you can seamlessly collect and analyze talent and recruiting insights that move the needle.

Assessments & Tests

Assessments turn the painstaking process of resume screening into a breeze. Assess your candidates on what is relevant for the role – so you can focus on the best candidates immediately.

Reference & Background Checks

Choose what you want to learn about a candidate, and who you want to learn it from. HiPeople verifies each references, so you can focus on what matters. HiPeople’s fraud detection provides reference checks you can trust.

Automatically test candidates, run reference and background checks, track candidate experience, and measure quality of hire. W(ith HiPeople’s Intelligent Hiring Toolkit.


Identify the best candidates with assessments.

Spend time with the right candidates. Stop wasting time with the wrong ones. Predicting job-fit accurately means being able to cover all job-related requirements. HiPeople covers them all. Use our assessment library to cover everything that matters to you, and leave out the bits that don’t add value. By that, your candidates receive bite-sized, role specific, enjoyable assessments.

Everything you are hiring for. Literally, everything.

Reference check, fast and confidently.

Hire the best talent with fast, compliant reference checks. Create your reference check in less than 30 seconds. Collect objective, bias-free insights in less than 24 hours. Stay compliant and secure with HiPeople’s propriatary fingerprinting technology. HiPeople detects suspicious behavior for you automatically so you can focus on hiring the best talent. Turn insights into action.

Build role-specific reference surveys that move the needle, in seconds

Improve your candidate experience, easily.

97% of your candidates are rejected and 60% are detractors after a hiring process. Make sure your candidates experience the best process possible. Measure and surface what moves the needle for your candidate experience, and by that: - Increase your offer acceptance rate - Improve your time to hire - Boost candidate and employee engagement All your candidate feedback in one platform.
Measure and improve your candidate experience.

Measure your Quality of Hire, with ease.

Close the data gap in your hiring game and collect feedback on your Quality of Hire. Learn from your hiring managers whether the new hires match the role, team and organization. Automated insights, 30-60-90 days post-hire. Automatically collect rich insights as soon as the new joiner starts. Measure and learn how key Quality of Hire metrics develop.

Collect feedback on your new joiners with ease and analyze your Quality of Hire.