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Discover WeSuggest, a platform that allows you to assess the key soft skills of your candidates, compare their scores and recruit those who match your company’s needs the best!

Simplify and make your recruitments more reliable with WeSuggest, a powerful and intuitive recruitment platform that adapts to your needs and challenges! WeSuggest’s algorithm takes into account your context and needs (position to be filled, sector of activity, key activities) to recommend the key soft skills to be assessed in your candidates and to propose the psychometric test adapted to your needs. You can then launch your assessment campaign in one click, and follow its progress directly from WeSuggest. Finally, once your candidates have completed their questionnaires, you will find the details of their scores and you can also compare their results thanks to our Matching tool. You also have the possibility to generate a PDF report with all the data, but also explanatory paragraphs allowing you to highlight your candidate’s behavioral preferences, personal resources, motivational resources and preferred work environments!