How to use Teamtailor to offer an incredible candidate experience

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It’s a complete journey that the candidate must embark on before eventually joining your team so how do you turn something that is a tedious hike into a pleasant stroll on the beach?

In this weekly tutorial series, our very own Alexander Jarlenäs will be your personal guide and share his knowledge on how to not only attract top talent but also keep them coming back to you!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Part 1 - Enhance your employer brand
The first part starts off with Alex’s “Secret recipe to a great career site”
Adding transparency to the recruitment process and using content that your candidates will love. ❤️

Part 2 -Job ads &  the application process
Start nurturing the relationship with your future talent straight away by optimising your job ads and setting up an automated workflow that still feels personal for your received applications.

Part 3 - Automation using triggers
Let's automate and make sure that candidates are never forgotten.

Easier for you AND a better experience for your candidates - WIN WIN! 🎉

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