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Trusted by enterprise companies all over the world. Our secure all-in-one recruitment software gives you easy collaboration, efficient recruitment and better results.

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For teams who want great results

You'll have everything you need to succeed with Teamtailor. Get great collaboration with teams across departments, efficient recruitment, security and more.

  • Collaborate better across teams

    Teamtailor gives you the tools needed to increase collaboration across multiple hiring teams, streamline cross-department communications, and reduce your time and cost to hire.

  • Your data is safe with us

    Our platform is designed to ensure that your candidate data is always safe, secure, and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

  • Great support for your team

    Every user regardless of access level gets support in our live chat. We make sure that every user gets up and running with Teamtailor.

  • Smart time saver

    Easily sync your calendars across teams to automate interview scheduling and streamline candidate communications.

  • Intuitive and fun

    We empower our users with features to engage all employees in their search for the right talent. Plus, we make it fun to use.

  • A candidate-first experience

    It’s easy to deliver an enjoyable recruitment experience for your candidates with Teamtailor.

Everything you need

Made for teams

It's easy to collaborate and reach goals together in Teamtailor.

  • Easy collaboration

    Invite your colleagues to hiring teams and work better together. You always get unlimited users in Teamtailor.

  • Save time

    Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, increase your team's productivity, and achieve your hiring goals faster.

  • Get insights with Analytics

    With our Analytics you get the data you need to track your hiring performance and gain valuable insights for future improvements.

Powerful integrations

Integrate with our partners

Streamline your recruitment process by integrating with the best tools on the market.

Teamtailor has enabled Nadine Merabi to meet our ambitious growth plans. Thanks to TT, we’ve gone from a disorganised, long-winded recruitment process, to a streamlined, efficient recruitment journey, improving the employee journey across the business.

Simon O'Mahony
People Partner, Nadine Merabi
Simon O'Mahony
Features of an ATS for Enterprise businesses
A candidate-centric experience

Reach candidates where they are

Make hiring an enjoyable process for both candidates and your hiring managers.

  • Integrations with job boards

    Automatically publish your ads on job boards to reach the right talent.

  • Made for any device

    Make it easy for your candidates to apply for your jobs with a mobile-friendly application process.

  • Tailored for candidates

    Make it easy to apply for jobs without lengthy forms or log-in requirements.

Our customers see results 🚀

Collaborate better with their team
See an increase in qualified candidates
Say their hiring process is faster
Employer branding

Get closer to your candidates

Teamtailor makes it easy to stand out from the crowd and attract, convert, and build relationships with the right talent.

Teamtailor's Connect feature
Passionate about your success

We are here to support you

Our customer success and support team helps over 120 000 users with any questions they might have. Our personal support is a greatly appreciated part of Teamtailor.

  • Live chat support for all users

    Get help within minutes in our live chat or through email.

  • Smooth onboarding

    Our dedicated onboarding team will take care of you from day one, guiding you and your team through the process to prepare you for your launch.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Managers

    We will ensure you have everything you need to recruit successfully. Gain extra knowledge and explore different features that can help you improve your recruitment.

Secure and stable

Privacy and Data Protection

We make sure you and your data is safe with us.

  • Privacy and Data Protections

    Our service enables you to comply with privacy and data protection laws such as the GDPR, CCPA and more.

  • SOC2

    We hold a SOC2 certification to further ensure full data security for our customers.

  • Security team & DPO

    We follow industry best practices and have a dedicated CISO who oversees all security initiatives.

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