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Grow faster with the right team

Innovative features like automated triggers, anonymous hiring, and fully customizable recruitment workflows make hiring easier.

ATS dashboard
  • An experience tailored for candidates

    Make the experience enjoyable for candidates as they move through your recruitment process.

  • Innovation at our core

    Stay ahead of the competition with new features continuously released by our product team.

  • Customise your recruitment funnel

    Set up your recruitment funnel the way you want with custom stages and triggers.

  • Automate repetitive manual tasks

    Our Smart Triggers make it easy to create a smooth hiring experience for you and your candidates.

  • Creating a happy workplace

    Teamtailor is easy to set up and use, and we think it’s important to have fun while achieving results.

  • Work on the right things

    Every user is greeted by their own personalized dashboard displaying all the important things they need to keep track of.

An ATS's recruiting flow board
Everything you need

For recruiters who want more

  • Collaborate better

    Transform your teamwork and collaborate better with hiring managers and across teams.

  • Work smarter

    Data-driven recruitment is easy with Teamtailor. Get the data you need to improve your hiring processes.

  • Save time

    Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, increase your team's productivity, and achieve your hiring goals faster.

Smart automation

Improve your recruitment processes

Teamtailor's automation features help you focus on what matters the most.

Teamtailor smart triggers feature
Work together

Built for collaboration

  • Collaborate with your team

    Working together is easy in Teamtailor. Collaborate on candidate profiles, jobs and when creating content.

  • Interview kits

    Ensure the quality of the recruitment process. Make interviews consistent for you and your team with Interview Kits.

  • Referrals

    Make it easy and fun for your team to refer candidates and reach your goals together. Use the employee dashboard and refer candidates.

Teamtailor's ATS analytics
Work smarter

Make better decisions with Analytics

Improve your recruitment funnel and process. Discover your top-performing channels, and the most effective candidate process, and track your team's progress with ease.

Analytics gives you the data you need to identify improvement opportunities in your recruitment pipeline and maximize your team's efforts.

Powerful integrations

Integrate with our partners

Streamline your recruitment process by integrating with the best tools on the market.
Screenshot of Teamtailor iOS app
Use our mobile app

Recruit on the go

The Teamtailor mobile app makes it easy to manage your recruitment processes on-the-go, giving you the flexibility to stay on top of your hiring no matter where you are.

  • Easy communication

    Keep conversations going. Stay in touch with candidates and send messages directly from your phone.

  • Review candidates

    See candidates' information, such as applications, cover letters, and other documents in the palm of your hand. Add your reviews and star ratings instantly.

  • Work with your team

    Ping colleagues and they’ll receive a notification immediately. Ask your team for feedback or share yours. Working together has never been easier than in our app.

Secure and stable

Privacy and Data Protection

We ensure your data is safe with us.

  • Data Compliance (GDPR)

    We follow data protection laws, including GDPR to ensure that all personal data is processed in accordance with applicable laws.

  • SOC2

    We’re proud to be SOC2 certified to ensure the full security of our users’ data.

  • Security team & DPO

    Our dedicated security team works proactively on data protection and security.

Teamtailor is a great ATS if you are looking for great user experience from both the recruiter and candidate side. I would recommend Teamtailor to anyone looking for a new system.

Helen Graham
Head of People, Home Made
Helen Graham

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