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The new filters powers up your search and makes it easier to find what you're looking for. The redesigned experience of browsing through your candidates makes it even better, and you'll be able to work faster. Several other improvements are also included in this update 🥳

The best way to explore this update is of course to test it out in your own Teamtailor account.

New 'and/or' search for departments and locations

Find candidates across multiple departments and locations with the new all/any search. 

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Search in specific candidate fields

Get down to the detail and search for phone, email, CV text, notes, pitch and more.


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New date search

This makes it possible for you to use absolute or relative dates when searching for candidates. You can for example find candidates that were created before a certain date, or connected a certain amount of days ago. 

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Search by excluding

Sometimes you might know what you don't want to show up in your search results. Now you can easily exclude certain information from your search.

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Stage types

Look for candidates that are in certain stages in recruitment processes with the stage type search. Add more than one to find candidates that match stage 1 or stage 2.

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Available filters to use in Candidates:

  • Candidate details (such as name, phone number)

  • Candidate status (such as connect, referred, internal)

  • Application stage (stage type)

  • Dates (such as connected, applied, removal requested)

  • Rating (rating and rated by)

  • Answers/question

  • Partner results

  • Custom fields


Create segments to save filter search

After using filters, you can of course save them as segments so that you can quickly access the candidates that matches those filters in the future as well ⭐️ Read more about segments. 

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Thanks for reading about our latest update. If you want to know more about how to use search, please check out our support article. Talk to you soon. 

❤️ /The Teamtailor Product Team


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