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Discover how SATS – the largest fitness company in the Nordics – uses its employer brand to attract candidates, how its hiring team evaluates candidates to identify the right talent, what recruitment trends are predicted for the future, and more in our SATS customer case.

In this customer case, you'll learn ✨

  • How SATS uses its career site to leverage its employer brand, resulting in higher-quality candidates.

  • How scoring candidates helps SATS filter through applications to find the right hire.

  • Emerging trends within HR and talent acquisition as predicted by SATS.

"We want our careers site to be like a small window into our world and the vast opportunities we offer. Providing a positive candidate experience and maintaining a strong employer branding strategy is crucial in attracting and retaining top talent in today’s competitive job market."

Johan Westberg
Nordic Culture & People Manager, SATS
Johan Westberg

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