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Linkity streamlines payroll by modernising workforce management and maximizing automations - all from one platform, for all company sizes and industries.

At the end of the day, getting paid is the reason why people work. The premise of a satisfied employee is that earnings have been paid on time and correctly - based on hours worked and their contract. However, workforce management and payroll are often made unnecessarily difficult, consuming resources for no reason. Additionally, with the constant increase in local bargaining, things are becoming even more complex. If the processes were easily understandable and straightforward, professionals could focus on their work without distractions, knowing that salaries will appear in their accounts as agreed.

This is precisely why Linkity was created. A solution that enables workforce and payroll management with the market's most advanced automations and LinkiTech computing power. We are the stable foundation upon which an organization can build profitable business and seamless work culture. When the process from workforce management to payroll is unified and automated, errors are minimized, and both time and costs are saved.

At Linkity, we are proud of the expertise brought by years of experience. We are experts who know multi-dimensional collective agreement interpretations and contracts across industry boundaries. Having built our platform for over 15 years, we have developed everyday streamlining automations and clear usability from a customer-centric perspective throughout our existence, always keeping correctly and timely paid salaries at our core. That's what sets us apart. That's what Linkity is all about.

Our platform is powered by our unique technology, Linkitech 3.0 

- The world's most capable and automated collective agreement interpretation engine. It's not just a collective agreement interpretation. It's more, its own innovative solution. The brain of the Linkity platform 

- LinkiTech. A computing machine developed in house in collaboration with Linkity's experts and customers over more than 15 years, something you won't find elsewhere in the market. 

- A mechanism that makes its users' work life easier. Especially in the era of localisation of employment contracts, it enables significant resource and cost savings. 

- LinkiTech interprets and calculates thousands of payroll scenarios in an instant. Automations can be easily built directly into the system without coding. 

- LinkiTech simplifies the complex and streamlines processes by transforming multi-dimensional agreements and hours worked into salaries, which are always on time and correct. That's why it's not just a collective agreement interpretation. It's LinkiTech.