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ApplyPRO is your ally in conquering the challenges posed by the MASSIVE volume of inbound job applications. ApplyPRO screens CVs using AI saving recruiters 70% of their time by providing automated shortlists, and promoting diversity by assessing potential over experience. Transform your recruitment process, save time, and elevate the value of your In-house Recruitment team. Embrace the future of applicant selection with ApplyPRO.

ApplyPRO represents the next generation of talent acquisition software built by Recruiters for Recruiters.

ApplyPRO screens CVs using AI saving recruiters 70% of their time with automated shortlists, and promotes diversity by assessing potential over experience.

Using cutting-edge AI-based software to address your biggest challenges, ApplyPRO screens CVs swiftly, fairly, and accurately, placing the Recruiter in command. We aim to transform in-house Recruiters' roles by automating mundane tasks and empowering them to focus on high-value, consultative activities that emphasise promoting potential and diversity.

Why Choose ApplyPRO?

Efficient Shortlisting:

- Process hundreds of CVs in minutes.

- Save 70% of your resourcing time by avoiding sifting through countless irrelevant applications.

- Do less trawling and more talent-finding!

All candidates categorised as:

Yes: All required and preferred experience, interview now!

Maybe: Has the essentials, but not all preferred experience but is worth a closer look. The Maybe's usually exhibit increased diversity and potential!

No: Lacks 'showstopper' experience.


    Enhance Interview Diversity:

    - Prioritize potential over experience.

    - Identify applications that might normally get overlooked, but possess high potential for performance and longevity.

    Free Desktop App:

    ApplyPRO desktop app is currently free for individual in-house Recruiters.

    Explore team and volume upgrades available upon request.