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Criteria Corp

Drive Talent Success with Assessments and Video interviews.

Get world-leading tools to make more objective, evidence-based talent decisions that both reduce bias and drive better outcomes.

Assessments To Pinpoint Top Talent and Achieve Tangible Business Outcomes

Criteria customers use assessments to hire across every job type and industry, with recommended assessments for over 1,100 unique jobs.

  • Cognitive Aptitude Assessments – Choose from traditional aptitude tests, award-winning game-based assessments and specialized tests for mechanical reasoning and attention skills.
  • Personality & Behavior Assessments – Identify candidates with the behavioral traits and competencies that underpin success in your organization’s roles, and assess alignment between a candidate’s work preferences and the environment your organization provides.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) Assessments – Identify candidates who will perform well in jobs requiring emotional labor (understanding and managing their own and others’ emotions) such as customer interactions, sales, leadership, teamwork, teaching and caregiving, emergency management.
  • Risk Assessments – Reduce the risk of counterproductive behaviors such as fraud, theft or dishonesty and unsafe work behavior with assessments for conscientiousness, rule-adherence and productivity and workplace safety.
  • Skills Tests – Identify candidates with proficiency in job-critical skills, including general job readiness, verbal and math comprehension, typing and data entry, basic computer literacy and Microsoft Office tools.

Video Interviews to Identify Top Talent Faster

  • Video Interviewing by Criteria – Deliver structured, consistent video interviews alongside Criteria assessments or on their own, to make better, more informed talent decisions. Tap into talent across all backgrounds using world-first diversity, equity & inclusion features that help you attract and build a more diverse workforce.

Meet your candidates faster and replace time-consuming phone screens with digital on-demand video interviews. Complete your screening process 75% faster.

Create a more consistent screening and interviewing process and evaluate all candidates using the same criteria.

Delight candidates with a brand-immersive experience that showcases your employer brand.

Give candidates the opportunity to shine without stress by offering practice questions, retakes and the ability to complete the interview anytime, anywhere.