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Lymia: Your #1 ATS sourcing app. Find top profiles in seconds & kick off hiring with a prequalified list of past applicants.

Lymia empowers recruiters to quickly source candidates from their company's ATS, easily rediscovering top talent previously considered.

This allows recruiters to kick off every new staffing endeavor with a list of prequalified candidates they've already engaged. All that's left is to reconnect with them via personal email or phone.

How does it work? First, activate Lymia to automatically enrich your ATS profiles with the most up-to-date career information available online. Next, select your ideal candidate for the new role you're looking to fill. Lymia will instantly search your ATS for profiles with similar skills and experiences.

NEW: Lymia now features Lymia Copilot, our Chrome plugin specifically designed for LinkedIn. Whenever you visit the LinkedIn profile of a candidate who catches your eye, simply click a button. Lymia will then fetch the 20 most comparable profiles from your ATS.

Turn your talent database into a gold mine and never start a new hiring project from scratch again with Lymia.