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The candidate feedback platform that turns your candidates into promoters by automatically surveying candidates using Net Promoter Score.
Trustcruit helps you to attract the top talents in your industry. By automatically collecting candidate experience feedback you will get data-driven insights for your recruitment team and proof of how your recruiting efforts impact your organization. All through Trustcruit’s survey and HR analytics platform that so far have helped to create over 100,000 employer brand ambassadors. How it works: 1. Automatically trigger customizable feedback NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys to be emailed to your candidates when a candidate has applied, been to an interview, hired, onboarded, rejected, or rejected after an interview. 2. The feedback gets presented in visual graphs and tables in the Trustcruit dashboard. 3. Gain critical insights and make improvements together with your personal customer success manager. The best of Trustcruit: - Benchmark your feedback against our database filled with insights from over 1.5 million unique candidate experiences. - Use our well-tried templates including Candidate NPS or create your own surveys. - Create and customize Boards to present feedback in graphs, tables, or as key metrics - Share insights throughout your organization by emailing one-time or subscribing to personalized reports - Take control by getting notified when a respondent is unhappy to take action and handle their issue at an instant or send happy respondents to review you online to share their candidate experience.