The Fight For Talent

Why focusing on your candidate experience will make your recruitment more successful ✨


🗓 September, 7th, 2023

🕰 12:30 WEST

The Fight For Talent

The shift to a candidate-driven market has been substantial in the last few years. Previously employers had the lion’s share of the recruitment power. One thing is for certain, companies that want to attract and convert the best talent have to double down on the candidate experience for their recruitment.

That's not an opinion, but 80% of job seekers* state that candidate experience is crucial for them when applying for a job.

Great news for recruiters and HR managers: We have the right webinar for you that covers everything you need to know about this topic.  

Register and learn what candidate experience really is and how you can implement it in your recruitment process.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Here are the key takeaways that you can expect:

🌟 Insider knowledge on how you can create a great candidate experience for your hiring efforts, and how you can improve it

🌟 How can your company differentiate itself plus attract and convert more talent

🌟 What kind of tools can you use for your employer branding and candidate experience

Meet our speakers ✨

Gonçalo Sequeira

CEO at Hiire

I always dreamt about having my own business and having 100% freedom to be where I wanted to be. However, I always struggled to make that step. Working as a full-time employee gave me enough challenges, money and happiness for more than 10 years of my life.

But not anymore. So in 2022, I decided to open Hiire - my first business - focusing on helping companies to hire better and faster every single day without forgetting an amazing candidate experience. 100% digital because I will be travelling the world while I'm expanding Hiire and helping international companies. Before, I worked for companies like Jason Associates, Feedzai,, Adyen and Trengo. Hired +500 IT professionals, created Employer Branding projects from zero and coached recruitment teams.

Catarina Noronha

Employer Branding Executive, Infraspeak

Catarina started in Design but soon realised she wanted to pursue and master a career in Marketing and Communications. She firmly believes that stories have a powerful impact and is passionate about how communication can skyrocket a company's brand or do the exact opposite. Catarina is also a Co-Founder & Host of the fresh and upcoming Milk Your Brand Podcast and was one of the official finalists for the 2022 Portuguese Women in Tech Awards, in the "Community Lead" category.


Reda Vysniauskaite

International business developer, Teamtailor

Reda is a self professed cultural cocktail. Originally from Lithuania, she has also lived in England, Ireland, France, Portugal and currently resides in Sweden where she works at leading HR Tech scale up, Teamtailor, expanding their international markets.

Whilst she has vast experience in anything from selling black toilet paper to developing AI & Data Science, her biggest takeaway is her passion in empathetic leadership, transparent employer branding, and all things technology.

If she’s not working, you can find her dreaming of the ocean and surfing. You can probably find her doing this when she’s working, too.