Sæt skub i din rekruttering med vores integrationer


Avokaado is your comprehensive toolkit, designed to empower teams by automating, negotiating, electronically signing, and seamlessly managing contracts. This integration caters specifically to Avokaado users, allowing them to construct workflows that automatically generate documents according to candidates' statuses in Teamtailor. Moreover, it facilitates the ability to update candidate statuses based on document statuses within Avokaado, streamlining the entire candidate workflow within a single setup.

Avokaado is an all-in-one toolbox to empower every team to automate, negotiate, eSign, and effortlessly manage contracts.

This integration is for existing Avokaado users to build workflows to automatically create documents based on candidates' status in Teamtailor. Additionally, you can change the candidate's status based on the document status in Avokaado enabling you to build the full candidate workflow with one setup.