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Tengai Automatic Shortlisting

Automatic Shortlisting - Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to top-notch candidates.

Introducing Tengai: Your Automated Screening Solution For Easy Shortlisting

Tengai revolutionizes your candidate selection process by automating candidate conversations in the beginning of the recruitment process creating a valuable shortlist of candidates for you. It’s all about making your hiring process more efficient, cost-effective and enjoyable for candidates - all without inserting human biases.

Here’s what Tengai offers:
1. Automated Screening: Tengai streamlines your recruitment process by engaging candidates in one-on-one conversations via their smartphones or their desktop. This automated dialogue collects valuable personality data, traditional screening questions and more in depth behavioral descriptions, allowing you to make data-driven hiring decisions.

2. Efficiency: By automating the early stages of recruitment Tengai saves you valuable time (up to 90%) typically spent on screening and interviewing candidates. This means you can dive into in-depth conversations and focus on finding the best talent quickly.
3. Lower costs: With Tengai you can reduce costs associated with traditionals screening methods, such as phone interviews. By automating these tasks, you can allocate resources more effectively.

4. Engaging Candidate Experience: Tengai provides candidates with a fun and engaging experience through automated conversations. This personalized approach fosters high engagement and performance throughout the hiring process.

5. Bias mitigation: Tengai’s structured interviews and behavioral science data ensure fairness and equality for all candidates, regardless of their background.

At Tengai, we blend behavioral science, established interview techniques, and cutting edge technology to create a level playing field for all candidates. By engaging candidates early in the process and automating candidate conversations, we ensure a seamless experience that benefits both recruiters and applicants alike.