What Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a popular and strategic practice for companies needing talent acquisition. Recruiting process outsourcing allows companies to delegate some or all of their recruitment tasks. In this article, we'll explore the advantages of outsourcing the recruitment process and which companies can benefit from it.

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If your company is experiencing growth and you need to expand your team, you may be familiar with the concept of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). But what does recruitment process outsourcing mean and how does recruitment process outsourcing work?

RPO allows organizations to delegate all or part of the recruitment process. Companies can customize recruitment process outsourcing models to meet their specific needs, requirements, and recruiting challenges. The company can then scale up or down the recruitment process depending on its recruitment needs.

Why do companies use recruitment process outsourcing?

Recruitment process outsourcing may be helpful for companies without the resources or budget for an internal talent acquisition team. It can also be helpful when a company needs to hire in a country where they lack presence or when they need to fulfill seasonal recruitments.

RPO providers help companies with recruitment by giving advice and supporting daily tasks like resume reviewing, interviewing, and job posting.

The job of any RPO provider is to understand your business and represent it. In this sense, they become an extension of your company, including your employer brand.

RPO and how it can strengthen employer branding

Strengthening your employer brand is a crucial aspect of fostering a positive workplace culture and achieving long-term success. At its core, employer branding is about cultivating and enhancing your company's reputation.

Moreover, a strong employer brand is an effective way to curb recruitment costs. If your company has a good reputation and a strong employer brand, you will attract more job seekers. This positive perception creates trust and credibility and helps you attract and retain employees.

RPO providers make sure your company's brand and employee value proposition are well represented when recruiting. As such, RPO providers can be part of a company's employer branding strategy.

Streamlining recruitment further

Marketpeople is a recruitment company and RPO provider, headquartered in Malmö in the south of Sweden. Marketpeople selected Teamtailor to modernize their hiring process by incorporating technology and automation into their processes. According to Marketpeople, this has given them the ability to create recruitment processes with greater speed, greater precision and less bias. 

With Teamtailor, Marketpeople say they’ve been able to automate several critical parts of the recruitment process. These include creating and publishing jobs on various digital platforms, job boards and career websites, and using the software's customizable automation capabilities to evaluate candidates and provide feedback as they progress through the hiring process.

Marketpeople share that they also use Teamtailor for data analysis and reporting to gain insights into the progress and efficiency of the recruitment process and enable continuous optimization of the process.

How integrations can help provide RPO solutions

Below are four examples of how Marketpeople use Teamtailor’s integrations to provide their RPO solutions:

  1. AI interviews: Integrated AI interviews provide all candidates with the opportunity to participate in a structured and competency-based interview upon application. With Hubert assessing all candidates according to the same criteria, manual work is minimized, and all candidates are interviewed the same way.
  2. Candidate-driven reference checks: The integration of reference-checking systems allows for automated reference-checking where all reference-checking is performed in a consistent and structured manner without the recruiter having to do any manual work.
  3. Background checks: With the integration of background checking systems and Teamtailor, automated legal background checks are carried out on final candidates.
  4. Onboarding systems: By connecting Teamtailor to any onboarding system, the transition from recruitment and employment to integration into the organization has become seamless.

You can learn more about Marketplace and its recruitment process outsourcing services by visiting Marketpeople.se

To see how Teamtailor's all-in-one recruitment software can help your company, including your employer branding book a demo.

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