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Psychometric Testing - helpful or harmful?

Is it an accurate indicator of suitability for a role or does it provide a false sense of assurance? Join the discussion with our panel of experts and decide which side of the argument you’re on.

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🗓️ 8th December 8:00am
📍️ Covent Garden, London
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What’s the fuss all about?

Psychometric testing has become a key element within recruitment, used to help identify certain aspects of a candidate's skills and personality. But how exactly do these tests work and are they necessary for a successful recruitment process?

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Not only will our panel of experts be exploring both sides of the coin, but we’ll have interactive discussions on the following topics:
  • Psychometric testing as a way of streamlining the recruitment process
  • Can psychometric testing get you more suitable candidates?
  • Can psychometric tests be free from bias?
  • The potential harmful effects of psychometric testing
  • Using psychometric testing to make more informed hiring decisions
  • When should psychometric testing be used?
  • Using psychometric testing for culture fit
  • The accuracy of assessments

What’s your view on psychometric testing?

Robert Newry

“Psychometric tests are scientific, objective and predictive!”

Robert Newry, MA (Oxon), MBA, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Arctic Shores. He has spoken about AI, psychometrics and HR technology, appearing on national television (BBC) twice.

He has been quoted in several UK newspapers and written articles on gamification and behaviour-based assessments for many leading HR media outlets.

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Tom Lakin & Pavneet Khurana

“Even if assessment technologies can be an incredible way to challenge assumptions and drive meritocratic hiring, I'm concerned about it disadvantaging neurodiverse talent.”
– Tom Lakin, Director of Innovation at RS Consultancy

“Psychometrics might bring a lot of benefits to the table, but can psychometrics ever really be truly objective and free from bias?”
– Pavneet Khurana, Psychologist & Head of Inclusion + Projects at Unleashed

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Dr Siobhan Jones

“Psychometric tests only ‘test’ what is ‘socially constructed’ and are, amongst other things, socially biased. The results of psychometric tests need to be interpreted within a context by experienced administrators. From my experience, this is not done as frequently as would be preferable, where too much can rest on the scores alone.”

Dr. Siobhan Jones is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Lead Psychologist (UK) at Mindler

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