Improved mobile application flow and “Remind me later” feature


Valérie Downey

It’s not news that mobile has become the new standard. Everyone has access to everything on their phones – heck, some people don’t even use computers anymore! People browse opportunities on their phones on their commute and open job ad email alerts that match their interests.

It’s vital that if these people also want to apply on-the-go, it’s possible for them to do so. Now, when candidates apply for a job ad via their mobile devices, the application flow is identical to how they would apply over desktop (but still mobile-optimised, of course). They can upload their CV on their mobile and answer the questions that you decide to add to the application form. 
Not only does this make it easier for a candidate to complete an application form on their phone, but also increases the amount of completed applications recruiters receive. Adapting for mobile means higher conversion rates from passive to active talent 🚀

“Remind me later” feature

Let’s say a candidate wants to apply but doesn’t have the time right now. We’ve added a “Remind me later” button to the application form. If candidates click here, they receive email reminders with a link to the application form. That way, they can continue browsing but not let an opportunity slip through their fingers (literally!). Email reminders are sent immediately after submitting the form and a second one after 24 hours.
This is what the application flow looks like for a candidate applying in mobile now:
Here’s to optimising recruitment for both candidate and recruiter 💡 Let us know if you have any questions. 

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