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Summer may have faded, but the Teamtailor Marketplace is still sizzling hot! 

As we bid farewell to the summer and welcome in the autumn, we’re incredibly excited to share news on what is one of our most exciting integration announcements to date.

Throughout the past quarter, our talented developers have been hard at work, cultivating fresh integrations to some of the most beloved HR platforms on the market that will reshape your HR processes.

What's awaiting you in the marketplace?

In our upcoming blog post, we'll walk you through these integrations and show you how you can elevate your HR operations into autumn 🍂 Whether you're looking for a homegrown Teamtailor-baked HR platform, streamlined onboarding processes, or data-driven decision-making tools, we've got you covered.

Here's what's coming your way:


AboardHR is an HR platform developed by Teamtailor. Our brand new innovative platform offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to streamline their HR operations. With AboardHR, organisations can efficiently manage all aspects of employee data, seamlessly handle essential documents, streamline onboarding processes, track absences, and coordinate employee meetings all from a centralised and user-friendly interface.

Most importantly, AboardHR now integrates with Teamtailor, further enhancing its capabilities by merging the power of HR management with cutting-edge recruitment functionalities. 

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Deel is the all-in-one HR platform for global teams. That means end-to-end HR management for any team, anywhere. Compliantly hire, onboard, and pay full-time employees or independent contractors in minutes. For the first time, you’ll have a central view of your entire workforce in one single place.

With Deel, companies make global payroll possible by leveraging Deel's in-house back office and locally-owned entities. Workers, managers, and leaders can update withdrawal details, visualise team structure, oversee total payroll spending, and complete dozens of other tasks through Deel’s modern self-serve interface.

Create localised legal contracts, track time off, grant bonuses, manage equity, and more. 

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Bizimply is an all–in-one people and shift management solution that changes forever the way businesses manage and engage with their employees. Bizimply is designed for all industries, giving power to frontline managers. Spend less time on scheduling and payroll and track staff time and attendance so every shift runs like clockwork!

Find more information here is the leading workforce management software on a mission to eliminate employment friction for shift workers and help businesses save time and money. Active across 162 countries and used in over 10,000 workplaces,’s world class scheduling, time and attendance, HR and forecasting software is the perfect platform to optimise labour costs, build better rotas, and improve the employee experience.

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Thomas Perform

Thomas transforms the performance of organisations around the world by equipping individuals with a greater understanding of themselves. Its team interaction optimisation (TIO) platform, powered by proven assessments and data science, improves recruitment and development decisions and optimises everyday interactions.

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NaturalHR is a cloud-based HR and payroll solution for growing businesses with 100+ employees. Their comprehensive suite includes a core HR database, self-service, recruitment, performance management, time and attendance, expenses, payroll, reporting and analytics.

Natural HR also comes with customisable workflows to help you automate and streamline processes, such as onboarding and offboarding.

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HCM Front

HCM is Latin America’s leading all-in-one people management solution that covers the entire employee life cycle, from attraction and selection to performance management, and loyalty to people analytics. Their open system allows you to connect with best-of-breed HR subsystems.

With more than 10 years driving the sustainable development of organisations through their people, HCM Front centralises and optimises HR administration, payroll, talent management, work climate surveys and training and development in a single platform that adapts to organisations of all sizes and industries.

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Evalart is a cloud-based pre-employment testing software that helps organisations conduct online assessments to identify and select candidates based on skills, aptitude, knowledge level and specific abilities. Online proctoring and fraud detection functionalities allow supervisors to identify and analyse illegal or suspicious activities.

Evalart enables HR professionals to create custom questions in several formats, including multiple choice, open-ended, and programming-based questionnaires. It provides a built-in test library with online assessments in several categories, including psychometric and verbal aptitude.

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Trimoji is an innovative software solution offering personality assessment capabilities for recruitment purposes. Through our robust tools, recruiters can determine the soft skills of potential candidates and check if they match the desired profile, ensuring a comprehensive fit.

The integration between Trimoji and Teamtailor ensures that recruiters can seamlessly send out Trimoji assessments to applicants via the Teamtailor platform and receive their scores automatically.

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Evaluate your candidates with an attractive and people-focused selection process. Activate the trigger and choose the skills you want to evaluate in that vacancy and the desired level of each of them. From that moment on, the process is streamlined while the competencies are diagnosed, and the reports are obtained in real time.

Currently, Identia has more than 15,000 users successfully evaluated, a catalogue of more than 17 unique tests and a presence in more than 5 countries.

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It's not just another HR tool; it's a reliable sidekick crafted to help businesses transform into standout employers. By neatly organising and fine-tuning HR processes, Evity are making life easier for CEOs, financial directors, HR teams and employees.

With Evity, their customers get a user-friendly platform that streamlines every step of the employee journey, from the first hello to the final farewell. Tasks like introductions, exits, surveys, 1-1s and time tracking are all automated, leaving no room for crucial details to fall through the cracks.


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Linkity is a solution that enables workforce and payroll management with the market's most advanced automations and LinkiTech computing power. They are the stable foundation upon which an organisation can build profitable business and seamless work culture.

When the process from workforce management to payroll is unified and automated, errors are minimised, and both time and costs are saved.

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Lymia empowers recruiters to quickly source candidates from their company's ATS, easily rediscovering top talent previously considered.

This allows recruiters to kick off every new staffing endeavour with a list of prequalified candidates they've already engaged. All that's left is to reconnect with them via personal email or phone. How does it work?

First, activate Lymia to automatically enrich your ATS profiles with the most up-to-date career information available online. Next, select your ideal candidate for the new role you're looking to fill. Lymia will instantly search your ATS for profiles with similar skills and experiences.

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THT are experts in predicting human behaviour with more than 300 tools available that measure most aspects of the human being. The system helps people discover the zone of genius with the colour method. Using this method means they carry out standardised, psycho-technical tests to measure and select the behaviours and abilities of possible candidates for your company.

This places THT at the top of the human talent firms, with more than 12,000 managers trained and more than 3 million people evaluated in more than 1,700 organisations.

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Visma Nmbrs

Nmbrs connects HR and payroll processes in one system in which employability and employees are paramount. From payroll returns to contracts, from leave to absenteeism, in Nmbrs you manage all your personnel matters as safely and efficiently as possible in a digital file.

With Nmbrs you can easily arrange the payroll processing for your employees. By using the HR workflows you can efficiently process and automate HR processes in Nmbrs. 

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Job Boards

And of course, we have also added some great new job boards to promote!







Thats everything for now! We’re so excited to now be working with these incredible platforms and to hear feedback from our customers.

Stay connected with Teamtailor for the latest updates, and let's welcome autumn with an integrated HR ecosystem.

If you think we’re missing something, please let us know at:

With love,

Team Partnerships ❤️

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