What will the new funding mean for our clients?

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Seb Waterfield

UK Marketing Manager at Teamtailor

We're extremely happy to share the news about our new funding of €10 million from the investor, Sprints Capital! 🎉

Today, we help over 6,000 companies improve their recruitment processes, attract the best talent and manage candidates, with over 95,000 monthly active users all over the world. We are currently over 240 employees, with offices in Stockholm, London, Helsinki, Austin and Auckland.

The strong growth we experienced in previous years has continued into 2022 and we expect positive earnings for the first half of the year. With the new investment, we are looking forward to fuelling product development with more features tailored to exceeding our users' needs and accelerating growth to expand into new markets such as the USA.

Here are some words from our CEO, Sara Arildsson;

"We’ve seen continued growth in all areas of our business and, whilst we didn’t need this extra funding to operate, this new investment puts us in an even stronger financial position and allows us to move faster on opportunities as we see them. Our main focus areas are product development, international expansion and continuing to build our team globally".

It's certainly exciting times ahead and we are very happy being on this journey together with all of our customers and users ❤️

Click here to read about the investment in more detail.

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