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We are thrilled to introduce Spacetailor — an innovation project from the Teamtailor product team 🎉 

New times call for new solutions. Spacetailor is an app created to help companies create a safer work environment and limit crowds.

Set the maximum capacity for every office, and control how many can check in. Write down your office policy and have it easily accessible by everyone in your company. Every time someone wants to check in, they will be reminded to read the office policy and approve that they've read it.

Forget about spreadsheets or doing manual work. Spacetailor makes it easy for your team to follow your guidelines without any extra work or hassle. 

  • See how many are checked in at your office right now
  • Check in and out
  • Choose between several office spaces
  • Set profile as anonymous
  • Get notification reminding you to check out
  • Automatic checkout

It's also 100% free 🎉

Download it on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

Setting it up

After downloading the app and logging in for the first time, you will have the options to add your offices, and set the maximum capacity for each office. You will also add your office policy there. Everyone  will have to approve that they've read your office policy before checking in. 

After setting this up, you can let your team know that they should download the app and start using it 🚀

IMG_1253Check in

You and your team check in by first making sure that you've read the office policy, and that you comply with it. You can easily access the policy any time you want in the menu. 


In the next step, you select when you expect to leave. Checking out is important to give another colleague the chance to take that slot. 


Checked in

After clicking Check me in, the screen turns green and you can step in to the office. You can choose to check out whenever you want to, or change your check out time. You can also see who are checked in to the office right now.



15 minutes before the expected check out time, you get a notification from the app asking if you are leaving or if you want to stay longer and extend the time in the app. 



If you haven't extended your check in time nor checked out, Spacetailor will automatically check you out on your expected check out time. 


Set profile as anonymous

This app is built for your team to feel safe at your office, and for you to feel comfortable that the office won't exceed its maximum capacity of people allowed. It is not an app to surveil who is working or not. That's why we are giving every user the possibility to be anonymous. That way you will know that a person is checked in, but not who it is. We believe this will make the app a pleasure to use for everyone, without feeling watched. 


We are super excited to release this first version of the app 🎉 Please let us know if you have any questions by mailing to


With love from the Product team at Teamtailor ❤️

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