Teamtailor launches “Apply with LinkedIn” Integration


Valérie Downey

We’re happy to announce that we are now a strategic partner of LinkedIn Talent Solutions. We’ve joined forces to bring you an upgraded “Apply with LinkedIn” experience for you and your candidates!
“Apply with LinkedIn” enables candidates to apply to a job with their LinkedIn profiles. Teamtailor shows these applicants' LinkedIn profiles directly on the candidate card.
This speeds up the application process for interested candidates that don’t have a lot of extra time on their hands and saves you time by keeping your recruitment all in one place  🙌

What are the benefits? 

  • Increase your conversion rate by making it possible for candidates to automatically complete a job application using their LinkedIn profile data. 
  • Keep all of your candidate data in one place and view LinkedIn profiles directly on the candidate card in Teamtailor
  • Drive increased conversions from the company career site and provide visibility to Apply Starters.
Teamtailor customers that have a Corp LinkedIn Recruiter or Paid Job Slots account can enable this integration as follows: 
1. Go to your Settings and click on “LinkedIn” under Integrations. 
2. Then, flip the toggle on and click on “Request” in order to enable the “Apply with LinkedIn” feature.
3. Follow the instructions and upon completion, you’ll be notified that your integration has been successfully requested.
4. Click on “Go back” to make sure that “Apply with LinkedIn” has been enabled. 
Now, when candidates apply for your job, they can pick to apply automatically with their LinkedIn account! Check it out ⬇️
Then, you'll be able to view the candidate’s LinkedIn profile directly on the candidate card:
This partnership brings candidates an expedited application process and keeps your recruitment streamlined 🚀 Easier for candidates, better for recruiters – we’re excited to bring you both. 
Reach out if you have any questions! 

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