The Future of Hiring with AI & ChatGPT

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🤖 AI in Recruitment

🗓 Wednesday, June 21st:

🕰 14:00 - 15:00

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Together with our co-host Hubert, we're excited to bring together distinguished thought leaders and experts in the field of AI and recruitment. Join us for a captivating webinar where they'll share their invaluable insights regarding AI and ChatGPT in recruitment. Register to receive the zoom link!

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Meet our speakers ✨

Alan Walker

Co-founder of Udder

Alan Walker is one of the Co-founders of Udder, a fast-growing HR technology consulting business that focuses on helping Talent Acquisition leaders to benefit from using modern technology to augment their human-powered expertise, creativity and decision-making. He believes that by using Design & Product thinking to formulate their Talent technology roadmap and an agile approach to deliver against it, TA leaders can create a continuously evolving candidate, recruiter and employee experience that drives better hiring performance.

Fredrik Östgren

Co-founder and CEO of Hubert

Fredrik Östgren, the co-founder and CEO of Hubert, has played a crucial role in the development of advanced AI technology that helps TA teams streamline their recruitment process. By leveraging AI and ChatGPT, Hubert is reshaping how high-volume roles are filled. Application, interview, and next-step decisions happen in real-time, reducing screening work and time-to-fill by 80%. The technology also significantly reduces bias and enhances the candidate experience. Before Hubert, Fredrik founded and led Nepa – a listed consumer research and data science company in Stockholm. Fredrik has over 15 years of experience in hyper-growth tech companies.

    Ann-Christine (Anki) Stafwerfeldt

    Partner & Co-founder of Home of Recruitment

    Ann-Christine (Anki) Stafwerfeldt, partner and co-founder of Home of Recruitment, is a highly accomplished HR professional with over 10 years of experience in the recruitment industry. She is the author of Rekryteringsboken för Chefer ("The Book of Recruitment for Managers") and hosts the popular recruitment podcast "Rekryteringspodden" in Sweden. In her role, Anki empowers organizations to achieve recruitment independence through a competency-based, transparent, and cost-effective approach. Home of Recruitment offers a range of services, including leadership and talent acquisition, in-house team support, recruitment training, process development, engaging workshops, and valuable expert opinions, enabling companies to attract top-tier candidates.

    Lisa Skinner Källström

    HR manager of the global HR team at Teamtailor.

    Lisa Skinner Källström is part of the global HR team at Teamtailor. Prior to joining Teamtailor Lisa has worked for companies like King, MrGreen Technology and Grant Thornton, she enjoys the international and fast paced setting combining people with business and tech. The main drivers has always been to contribute and make a difference; whether it is in an individual conversation or applying a global HR process. By empowering others to learn and develop Lisa enjoys being a professional coach in addition to the role as HR manager.