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Evaluate your candidates with an attractive and people-focused selection process. Activate the trigger and choose the skills you want to evaluate in that vacancy and the desired level of each of them. From that moment on, the process is streamlined while the competencies are diagnosed, and the reports are obtained in real time. Currently, Identia has more than 15,000 users successfully evaluated, a catalog of more than 17 unique tests and a presence in more than 5 countries.

Map your internal talent pool with Identia Select.

  1. Generate an intuitive and unforgettable experience, with low dropout rate among participants.
  2. Enhance your company's innovative brand image.
  3. Identia Select is designed for participants to make autonomous decisions, free of bias from social desirability.
  4. Create a competency profiles aligned with your company's needs. Capture and identify the talent you need in one click.
  5. Identia Select enables the identification of potential talent within the company, and favors development and loyalty.
  6. Traceability and access to reports in real time.
  7. Overcome geographical limits (accessible by invitation, URL or invitation, URL or QR), and multi-language.
  8. Share automated and constructive reports with participants.