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Penneo Sign is a digital signing solution that makes signing easy, secure, and convenient.
At Penneo, we want to build a world where you can trust the way businesses do business.

Penneo combines digital signing and Know Your Customer (KYC) workflows into a single platform that streamlines critical business processes.

Founded in Copenhagen and operating throughout Europe, Penneo is fast becoming the go-to platform for companies looking to save time on administrative tasks while ensuring complete regulatory compliance - and peace of mind - for themselves and their clients.

Penneo Sign
Penneo Sign is a digital signing solution that makes signing easy, secure, and convenient. With Penneo Sign, you can sign digitally using national eIDs, automate processes through signing flows, and validate the identity of your signers in an efficient and compliant way.

Team-player that works well with your existing tech-stack
Penneo’s open API makes sure Penneo Sign can be integrated with your and your clients’ existing digital ecosystem. Build your own integration or use our existing integration partners.

Built to adjust all workflows flexibly
Penneo Sign becomes part of your existing processes effortlessly through standardized or custom-built signing flows.

Peace of mind of working with a Qualified Trust Service Provider
Penneo Sign is listed on the European Trust List as a QTSP for qualified electronic seals, time stamps, and certificates for electronic signatures.

Secure and convenient authentication and signing via eIDs
Penneo Sign integrates with multiple eIDs allowing signers to safely and efficiently confirm their identity and sign digitally.

Stand the test of time with the security of eIDAS compliant digital signatures
Digital signatures created with Penneo Sign meet the eIDAS requirements for advanced electronic signatures. Meaning signer(s) can be identified with certainty and the integrity of the signed document can be ensured.

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