Soft skills assessment platform that filters and ranks candidates according to their fit with a job vacancy
Hire developers based on skills, not resumes. Evaluate candidates’ coding skills with tech-friendly, hands-on programming tests that only take 60 seconds to set up.
Thrive’s technology platform provides the ability for businesses to become data-driven in their hiring decisions, by assessing candidates on job-specific ability and personality traits to determine how successful they will be in the role.
Assessment Engine
Accurate and reliable predictions about individuals' performance and behaviour at work, using evidence-based algorithms. GDPR and ISO 10667 compliant.
Easy, fast, and reliable: Pipplet assesses oral and written skills of your candidates, in 40 languages. 100 % human assessment based on the CEFR framework, online and without appointment. You can send your first tests to 10, 100, or even 1,000 applicants in minutes, and get their results within 24 hours. Ready to go?
DevSkiller is a tech sourcing, screening, and skill mapping platform powered by RealLifeTesting™.
Hire better candidates faster with real-world coding challenges.
Hire the best developers with real-world coding tests
Assess candidates in an unbiased and easy way with Testhubs automated blind screening process. We make equality a standard in recruitment, through scientifically validated traits for job performance
Equalture’s game-based assessment platform allows you to act on scientific insights. We help you hire fairly and objectively by collecting crucial insights on both your current team and candidates.
Future Skill
Test and hire the best software developers with easy-to-use coding tests. Supported by 25+ programming languages.
Alva Labs
Assess candidates in minutes with Alva’s best-in-class automated psychometric tests. Set up, analyze, and take action—all within Teamtailor.
Automatically screen candidates using an AI-driven interview process. Hubert takes you from 400 applications down to the 5 most promising in a breeze
Discover WeSuggest, a platform that allows you to assess the key soft skills of your candidates, compare their scores and recruit those who match your company’s needs the best!
TQ Nordic AB
TQ Nordic offers psychometric assessments helping organizations to grow through competency-based, unbiased recruitments. Our tools are also used through all HR processes within Talent Management to develop individuals, teams and organizations. The tests are accredited by BPS and translated into 50 languages ​​for global use.
TestGorilla is a pre-employment testing platform helping recruiters identify top candidates and hire faster, easier, and bias-free.
Assess potential. Predict performance. Remove bias. AssessFirst's advanced behavioural assessments help you to find the right candidates for the right roles. Intuitive and modern on the outside - with trusted science baked in - it is ideal for both strategic resourcing challenges and volume hiring.
NEW PLATFORM! Stop recruiting on gut feeling - start using evidence based methods to match the right person with the right role - faster than ever before.
Bryq is an award-winning talent intelligence solution that will transform the way you recruit and manage talent. Use Bryq and Teamtailor together to eliminate bias within the hiring process, promote internal mobility through career pathing, and grow and cultivate your company culture.
Platypus is a HR and recruitment tool that makes your company culture easy to understand, measurable and actionable, so that you can make smarter decisions on hiring and growing your culture.
Pre-screening, recruitment test and cognitive aptitude test. Scientifically validated by DNV for its world leading predictive validity in job-performance. Now available directly through your Teamtailor account. It’s easy to use and you can start today without training. We offer the opportunity of trying our test for free – just contact us. Welcome to JobMatch - when quality matters.
Ascend by Assessio unleashes the potential in people and organisations through assessments and dependable data.
Goshaba is an online soft skills and key skills assessment solution
Psigma Corporation
Psigma Corp’s Customized Talent Assessment model allows you to understand your candidate’s natural talent for the job, while incorporating the competencies that are important to your organization.
Arctic Shores
Arctic Shores’ behaviour-based assessments give every individual the opportunity to show their potential, and every employer the means to see it.
In hiring, algorithms beats instinct! We use all the traits of modern research for success with the help of AI.
Online skills assessment Accounting - Payroll - Financial Control - Financial Administration - Excel
The market-leading technical skills assessment platform to identify and hire developers with the right skills.
For over 30 years, PerformanSe has been providing behavioural and cognitive skills assessment solutions in the professional environment.
Aon‘s Talent Assessment
Helping clients to create perfect people job matches, using innovative, intelligent and valid psychometrics. Engaging solutions with an impact on candidate experience.
Tengai Unbiased Recruitment
Tengai Recruit offers unbiased candidate assessment with conversational AI. Cut your recruitment cost with up to 90% while increasing interview rate with 7X.
Psykologisk Metod
Psykologisk Metod contributes to creating safer recruitments for all organisations working with potential management, we offer tests measuring personality and ability.
Assess the top of the funnel without breaking the bank. Streamlined integration to all evali psychometric assessments for reduced administration and increased candidate satisfaction
Where the best engineering teams are built
Use our premium Programming Aptitude Test to valuate your candidates. The Kattis tests are both enjoyable for the candidates, and provide great insight into their abilities.
Identify and recruit the best talents with SHL unmatched portfolio of assessments including personality, cognitive ability and technical skills
You will be able to take safer and faster decisions in the recruitment process with Master’s complete range of online tools for talent acquisition.
Gamified Soft Skills Assessment. Identify your candidates’ skills and analyze their fit with your needs. Speed up your recruitment process reducing your recruiting spends and rise you hiring accuracy.
Your global assessment partner to identify and select the best candidates, develop your workforce and create a more efficient and streamlined recruitment process.
HRMatch is a matching solution used to calculate the adequacy between a resume and a job offer, in order to quickly identify the best candidates.
Digital assessments and services designed to identify and engage your best-fit candidates.
Great People Inside
Great People Inside helps you hire the right people, engage and retain them, improve team dynamics, drive performance, boost sales and increase wellbeing.
Thomas Int.
At Thomas we help people, teams and organisations unlock their potential by making the complex nature of human behaviour , aptitude and personality easier for everyone to understand.
The Predictive Index
Hire the right candidates for the job. Inspire your leaders & staff to perform at their best. With PI you get an all-in-one data driven solution, from recruiting, on-boarding, individual, leader and team development. And you get access to the world’s leading, scientifically validated psychometric tests directly in your Teamtailor account. Certified by DNV and rated “Leader Summer 2022” by G2 in 4 categories including best pre-employment testing software!
Happy people, successful organizations. Let our Dream Candidate Algorithm predict which candidate will flourish in your organization.
Finding joy at work and the perfect match doesn’t have to be hard. Recruit with industry-leading validity and candidate satisfaction, using the most flexible and user-friendly platform to scientifically assess soft skills at work

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