Systèmes RH

CatalystOne's cloud-based HR software suite will elevate your HR and management teams to a whole new level. Our solution has been designed to streamline key processes for medium and large organisations across the Nordics and beyond.
Appogee HR
People software that grows with your business. Customisable HR and productivity software solutions to suit your organisation.
Sesame HR
Sesame HR is the human resources software that optimises and centralises employee management processes on a single platform.
Charlie HR
Charlie automates your HR tasks and gives you the time, headspace and tools you need to look after your people. From everyday tasks like time-off management, to facilitating meaningful performance conversations, Charlie sits at the heart of your efforts to build, manage and nurture a happy and high-performing team.
Huma is an HR system that is easier to use and easier to like. You’re going to spend ⅓ of your life at work, so make it count with a modern and intuitive HR system that seamlessly delivers on all your core HR needs.
We help companies automate their HR processes, empower their employees with always up-to-date information, and make smart business decisions.
Simplify and automate complex HR and payroll processes using the Teamtailor and iTrent integration.
IRIS Cascade
IRIS Cascade HRi is here to help with a flexible solution that covers everything from core HR functionality to integrated payroll, recruitment, training and talent management. Our all-in-one HR software is easily tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.
Personio is the all-in-one HR software for companies with 10-2000 employees to enable better organizations
Zelt lets you onboard new joiners, run payroll, manage holidays and automate IT tasks in a single app. From providing laptops to setting up emails and accounts across your cloud applications.
Meet bob, the HR platform that creates company culture and helps managers make data-driven decisions. Grow your people and your business with Hibob.
Say hello to Evity, your new HR tool made for professional employers. No more headache from lost information or forgotten tasks. With Evity, you can keep track of everything from welcoming new team members to helping them and your organization grow.
Magically Simplify HR, IT, and Finance. Rippling lets you easily manage your employees’ payroll, benefits, expenses, devices, apps & more—in one place.
AlexisHR:s All-in-One people platform empowers HR teams, managers and employees by blending into your favorite communication tool 🚀 Say goodbye to spreadsheets and puzzling data together from various systems. The platform helps you automate and simplify people operations while collecting all your employee data in one place.
SD Worx
SD Worx and Teamtailor will help you attract new talents by combining your recruitment process seamlessly to a HR, onboarding and hiring service. With the latest integration, you will optimize the workflow for both mangers and HR.
Payroll, HR, and compliance for global teams!
HCM Front
All-in-One People Management Solution. Drive the sustainable development of your organization through people.
Developed for hospitality, leisure and retail, Rotaready helps you schedule rotas, optimise wage spend, record attendance and approve timesheets for payroll.
Sage HR is a fantastic cloud based human resources management solution that helps you remotely track, manage and engage your employees as easily as you do in the office. Using Sage HR you can integrate workforce management and provide yourself with the tools to automate repetitive tasks.
Bamboo HR
The #1 #HR software for small and medium businesses.
We make workforce management easy, smart and international to enable you to grow your business.
Solaforce HCM
Solaforce HCM automates the whole employment lifecycle with a modern, all-in-one cloud solution. Solaforce is the home of HR data providing coherent people processes through the organization and access to all employees.
Facilitez le pilotage commercial, RH et administratif de votre société.
Automate the full employee lifecycle with Humaans. Beautiful, fast, mobile first, and designed with distributed teams in mind.
Saima HR
Saima HR is an easy-to-use core HR software that secures your employee data in one place. Learn more about Saima HR solution:
Use Teamtailor's very own HR system to onboard and manage your employees in Aboard.
Linkity streamlines payroll by modernising workforce management and maximizing automations - all from one platform, for all company sizes and industries.
The HR system that empowers you to make the right decisions based on data-driven insights. In all processes!
Flex HRM
Flex HRM is your one-stop human resources outsourcing and consulting firm. We customize plans for each client, letting you choose as many or as few services as you need, depending on your business. Within HR outsourcing, Flex HRM is known as an ASO, or administrative services organization.
intelliHR is a cloud-based people management and intuitive data analytics software that is enhancing productivity, and corporate culture.
Natural HR
All in one HR and payroll software for mid sized businesses
Ubeya simplifies workforce management and combines communication, scheduling, attendance management, employee and client satisfaction all through one clean interface. A powerhouse solution that clears your schedule for the tasks that matter the most.
Cezanne HR is the modern HR system made for mid-sized UK & international businesses. Flexible and feature-rich, it has everything you need to connect, manage and engage your people.
With Lucca’s HR software, turn spreadsheets into interactive online services and streamline your internal management processes.
An all-in-one HR system that enables you to make data-driven decisions and handles all your HR processes securely and with ease.
Hailey HR
Hailey is a next-gen HRIS for modern companies that want to reduce the number of HR-tools and provide their employees with a beautiful and truly user-friendly solution.
Cinode Employee
Cinode is the leading Skills Management platform that helps companies identify, visualize, and grow their skills supply.
People HR
People is an HR system for progressive HR professionals who want to automate repetitive tasks and deliver high-impact results for their organisation.
Gusto is a modern, online people platform that helps small businesses take care of their teams. On top of full-service payroll, Gusto offers health insurance, 401(k)s, expert HR, and team management tools.
At Paylocity, caring is in our makeup. It’s who we are. We’re more than a cutting-edge HR and payroll tech company with crazy good reviews (just sayin'). We're people.
Adocka Cloud is a modern service in the cloud for you who run staffing companies. We help you digitize your work and, above all, create new business. Do you also want to let the power of the cloud work for your business?

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