Whistleblowing policy

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Teamtailor is committed to offering all team-members a safe and enjoyable place to work and to be compliant with rules and regulations in the markets where we operate.

Teamtailor is subject to the EU Whistleblowing Directive and the Swedish Act on the protection of persons reporting misconduct, which provides and promotes a safe and secure way for employees to speak up about misconduct in their work environment. To meet this requirement, we use our own whistleblowing tool offered in Aboard HR 🚀

The purpose of our whistleblowing function is to enable employees and other individuals with a professional connection to Teamtailor to report misconduct within our operations, on an anonymous basis.

You are protected by these laws, meaning that Teamtailor is not allowed to take any form of reprisal or obstructive action against reporting, such as termination, changes in job responsibilities, threats or discrimination. Furthermore, the information provided by the reporting individual is protected by confidentiality 🔐

Who can report misconduct at Teamtailor?

Both employees of Teamtailor and individuals who have or have had a working relationship with Teamtailor can utilise our whistleblowing function to report incidents. Here are examples of who can make reports:

  • Employees of Teamtailor.
  • Individuals who have applied for or are seeking employment with Teamtailor.
  • This include also volunteers, interns, consultants and freelancers who are performing or seeking to perform work under the supervision and direction of Teamtailor.
  • Individuals who are part of Teamtailor’s management, executive, or supervisory body.
  • Shareholders.
  • Individuals who have belonged to any of the above categories and have been exposed to the information during their time with the organisation.

What can you report?

In this whistleblowing function, you can report misconduct in a work-related context within Teamtailor.

There should be a general interest in the information being disclosed, along with your reasonable grounds to believe that the information is accurate. This could include for example financial crimes such as corruption and bribery or abuse of authority by a member of Teamtailor’s leadership. It can also involve individuals' lives and health, such as significant safety deficiencies within Teamtailor, discrimination or harassment.

It is important to distinguish between regular personnel matters. In summary, it encompasses "anything related to violations of laws and regulations that do not solely pertain to your own work situation."

If your matter does not fall within the scope of the whistleblowing function's mission, for example, if it relates to dissatisfaction with wages or difficulties with cooperation between colleagues you should reach out to your closest manager or directly to the HR team 🤝

Who will you report to?

To ensure objectivity, Teamtailor have appointed independent and impartial individuals within the business to take care of the incoming reports.

How to report in Aboard HR

Describe the incident in as much detail as possible to ensure that appropriate actions are taken using the whistleblowing form on Aboard HR.

Avoid to include personal data in the report that is not relevant to the investigation of the case.

If you enter your email to follow the case, please be aware that the recipient will not be able to see your contact details.

If you have questions about how to report in Aboard HR, please contact lisa.kallstrom@teamtailor.com or therese@teamtailor.com.

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