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Maki is an AI-powered one-stop platform to assess any type of skill and engage your candidates.
Maki stands as the epitome of innovation in the realm of talent assessment. Our platform caters to an array of assessments, including cognitive aptitude, personality traits, job-specific knowledge, coding prowess, and language proficiency. Trusted by world-class enterprises, we enable organizations to assess their candidates ensuring that no competency goes unchecked.

Our unique approach centers around providing a conversational and immersive assessment experience. By replicating authentic job environments and engaging candidates in task-centric dialogues, we foster an atmosphere where candidates can demonstrate their abilities in realistic scenarios. This not only elevates the assessment process but also reinforces the natural fit of candidates within potential roles.

At the core of Maki's product suite is a deep integration of artificial intelligence. We harness the most innovative AI technology to streamline the assessment journey, offering pinpoint accuracy and consistent evaluation at scale. Our intelligent assessment tools adapt to candidate responses, delivering a personalized evaluation that grows more accurate with every interaction..