CatalystOne's cloud-based HR software suite will elevate your HR and management teams to a whole new level. Our solution has been designed to streamline key processes for medium and large organisations across the Nordics and beyond.
We're an all-in-one background and reference-checking software that supercharges the capabilities of ambitious HR and hiring teams. Our range of integrated solutions turns bad to brilliant, saving weeks of team time while building brand love.
Flex HR
Flex HR is your one-stop human resources outsourcing and consulting firm. We customize plans for each client, letting you choose as many or as few services as you need, depending on your business. Within HR outsourcing, Flex HR is known as an ASO, or administrative services organization.
Hire developers based on skills, not resumes. Evaluate candidates’ coding skills with tech-friendly, hands-on programming tests that only take 60 seconds to set up.
Assently E-Sign
Assently e-sign is a premium solution for e-signatures. Increase security, improve efficiency, cut lead times and reduce costs. Both recruiter and recruited experience a fast, up-to date and user friendly, way to formally sign contracts. Reuse your existing Assently templates effortless.
HR voice bot automatically interviews candidates by phone and gives feedback in 150+ languages, schedules next steps and provides reports and statistics to recruiters. HR voice bot helps atomize and shorten recruitment processes, reduces costs and save recruiters’ hours for more challenging tasks, positively influence employer branding and candidates experience
Appogee HR
People software that grows with your business. Customisable HR and productivity software solutions to suit your organisation.
Wintrgarden is a SaaS based Talent Attraction Platform. Engage talent leads through all touchpoints and turn talent relations into your competitive edge!
Sesame HR
Sesame HR is the human resources software that optimises and centralises employee management processes on a single platform.
Thrive’s technology platform provides the ability for businesses to become data-driven in their hiring decisions, by assessing candidates on job-specific ability and personality traits to determine how successful they will be in the role.
Assessment Engine
Accurate and reliable predictions about individuals' performance and behaviour at work, using evidence-based algorithms. GDPR and ISO 10667 compliant.
Easy, fast, and reliable: Pipplet assesses oral and written skills of your candidates, in 40 languages. 100 % human assessment based on the CEFR framework, online and without appointment. You can send your first tests to 10, 100, or even 1,000 applicants in minutes, and get their results within 24 hours. Ready to go? offers cost-effective and objective legal background checks. Fast, safe and easy to adapt to your recruitment process.
DevSkiller is a tech sourcing, screening, and skill mapping platform powered by RealLifeTesting™.
Adobe Sign
Adobe Sign is a cloud-based service that lets an individual or organization send, secure, track and manage e-signature processes.
Hire better candidates faster with real-world coding challenges.
Planier - for easier shift management
We help you use referrals to find and attract the best talent!
A data-driven chatbot that can guide users to available jobs and allow them to directly apply through the chatbot with no CV & cover letter required across web and social media
Hire the best developers with real-world coding tests
Charlie HR
Charlie automates your HR tasks and gives you the time, headspace and tools you need to look after your people. From everyday tasks like time-off management, to facilitating meaningful performance conversations, Charlie sits at the heart of your efforts to build, manage and nurture a happy and high-performing team.
Huma is an HR system that is easier to use and easier to like. You’re going to spend ⅓ of your life at work, so make it count with a modern and intuitive HR system that seamlessly delivers on all your core HR needs.
Recright lets recruiters hire top applicants faster, and it gives the candidates an equal chance to shine, through the power of video interviews.
Assess candidates in an unbiased and easy way with Testhubs automated blind screening process. We make equality a standard in recruitment, through scientifically validated traits for job performance
E-sign the offer letter for a great candidate experience. Build brand loyalty, increase conversion rates, shorten lead times, cut manual steps.
We help companies automate their HR processes, empower their employees with always up-to-date information, and make smart business decisions.
Hire better, faster—with in-depth, automated references. HiPeople provides verified 360° insights to identify the best talent and drastically reduce the cost of mis-hires.
Future Skill
Test and hire the best software developers with easy-to-use coding tests. Supported by 25+ programming languages.
Refensa is the automated reference check up tool, keeping the experience personal and engaging with a customizable chat bot, and as time saving as possible offering a completely candidate led process.
IRIS Cascade
IRIS Cascade HRi is here to help with a flexible solution that covers everything from core HR functionality to integrated payroll, recruitment, training and talent management. Our all-in-one HR software is easily tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.
Track and improve your candidate journey with talenthub.
Signaturit´s electronic signature solution allows to send and sign documents online with full legal validity, without needing to install anything.
With Typelane you can create an employee onboarding that bridges the gap between recruiting and employee success. No matter where your new talent is working from.
Personio is the all-in-one HR software for companies with 10-2000 employees to enable better organizations
VideoCV is an AI-powered, cloud-based video-screening tool.
Workflow automation for everyone. Zapier automates your work across 5000+ app integrations, so you can focus on what matters.
Meet bob, the HR platform that creates company culture and helps managers make data-driven decisions. Grow your people and your business with Hibob.
SD Worx and Teamtailor will help you attract new talents by combining your recruitment process seamlessly to a HR, onboarding and hiring service. With the latest integration, you will optimize the workflow for both mangers and HR.
Alva Labs
Assess candidates in minutes with Alva’s best-in-class automated psychometric tests. Set up, analyze, and take action—all within Teamtailor.
Automatically screen candidates using an AI-driven interview process. Hubert takes you from 400 applications down to the 5 most promising in a breeze
Discover WeSuggest, a platform that allows you to assess the key soft skills of your candidates, compare their scores and recruit those who match your company’s needs the best!
The HR system that empowers you to make the right decisions based on data-driven insights. In all processes!
AlexisHR:s All-in-One people platform empowers HR teams, managers and employees by blending into your favorite communication tool 🚀 Say goodbye to spreadsheets and puzzling data together from various systems. The platform helps you automate and simplify people operations while collecting all your employee data in one place. Click to read more.
TQ Nordic AB
TQ Nordic offers psychometric assessments helping organizations to grow through competency-based, unbiased recruitments. Our tools are also used through all HR processes within Talent Management to develop individuals, teams and organizations. The tests are accredited by BPS and translated into 50 languages ​​for global use.
Eurecia is a human resource management software that helps organizations handle recruitment, employees, skill assessment, interview, budget, payroll, training and more.
TestGorilla is a pre-employment testing platform helping recruiters identify top candidates and hire faster, easier, and bias-free.
Assess potential. Predict performance. Remove bias. AssessFirst's advanced behavioural assessments help you to find the right candidates for the right roles. Intuitive and modern on the outside - with trusted science baked in - it is ideal for both strategic resourcing challenges and volume hiring.
Developed for hospitality, leisure and retail, Rotaready helps you schedule rotas, optimise wage spend, record attendance and approve timesheets for payroll.
NEW PLATFORM! Stop recruiting on gut feeling - start using evidence based methods to match the right person with the right role - faster than ever before.
Bryq is an award-winning talent intelligence solution that will transform the way you recruit and manage talent. Use Bryq and Teamtailor together to eliminate bias within the hiring process, promote internal mobility through career pathing, and grow and cultivate your company culture.
We make workforce management easy, smart and international to enable you to grow your business.
Platypus is a HR and recruitment tool that makes your company culture easy to understand, measurable and actionable, so that you can make smarter decisions on hiring and growing your culture.
Ascend by Assessio unleashes the potential in people and organisations through assessments and dependable data.
Automatically send contracts to your candidates for them to e-sign. Works with your existing DocuSign templates.
Checkr’s advanced background check technology helps companies bring transparency & fairness to hiring. Together, Teamtailor and Checkr increase productivity and operational efficiency by allowing users to trigger background checks from within Teamtailor.
GetAccept changes and simplifies your documentation processes and allows the digital signing of the agreement to take place on the customer's terms with the sender's control.
Psigma Corporation
Psigma Corp’s Customized Talent Assessment model allows you to understand your candidate’s natural talent for the job, while incorporating the competencies that are important to your organization.
Arctic Shores
Arctic Shores’ behaviour-based assessments give every individual the opportunity to show their potential, and every employer the means to see it.
In hiring, algorithms beats instinct! We use all the traits of modern research for success with the help of AI.
The World's Most Customizable Virtual Event Platform
Checkmate does candidate reference checking through a simple and seamless online experience that is fun and easy to use.
Online skills assessment Accounting - Payroll - Financial Control - Financial Administration - Excel
intelliHR is a cloud-based people management and intuitive data analytics software that is enhancing productivity, and corporate culture.
The market-leading technical skills assessment platform to identify and hire developers with the right skills.
For over 30 years, PerformanSe has been providing behavioural and cognitive skills assessment solutions in the professional environment.
Life Inside
Employee Storytelling. Reinvented. Life Inside is the new easy-to-use employee video platform that gives candidates the authentic look into life inside your company that they're looking for.
Aon‘s Talent Assessment
Helping clients to create perfect people job matches, using innovative, intelligent and valid psychometrics. Engaging solutions with an impact on candidate experience.
Using its innovative Digital interviews, Jobma augments human decision-making in the hiring process and delivers higher quality talent, faster.
Dropbox Sign
Online Document Signing, eSignatures, eSignature API, Workflow Automation, Digital Transaction Management, Workflow Content Automation, and Digital Process Automation
Veremark is an automated, scalable and truly global background checking platform that will transform the way your business onboards candidates.
Tengai Unbiased Recruitment
Tengai Recruit offers unbiased candidate assessment with conversational AI. Cut your recruitment cost with up to 90% while increasing interview rate with 7X.
Ubeya simplifies workforce management and combines communication, scheduling, attendance management, employee and client satisfaction all through one clean interface. A powerhouse solution that clears your schedule for the tasks that matter the most.
TrustID Cloud checks identity documents and provides an assessment on whether they are genuine, in order to assist with right to work, right to services and right to housing compliance.
The candidate feedback platform that turns your candidates into promoters by automatically surveying candidates using Net Promoter Score.
Cezanne HR is the modern HR system made for mid-sized UK & international businesses. Flexible and feature-rich, it has everything you need to connect, manage and engage your people.
Psykologisk Metod
Psykologisk Metod contributes to creating safer recruitments for all organisations working with potential management, we offer tests measuring personality and ability.
Digital talent acquisition powered by automated technology.
Automate the full employee lifecycle with Humaans. Beautiful, fast, mobile first, and designed with distributed teams in mind.
Oyster opens up a whole new world of remote teams and distributed opportunities, where companies can hire brilliant people as contractors or full-time employees anywhere on earth.
Digital and automated reference checking tool to streamline, increase the validity and GDPR-comply your reference checks.
With Lucca’s HR software, turn spreadsheets into interactive online services and streamline your internal management processes.
Equalture's hiring tool helps companies to make unbiased hiring decisions by providing them with objective insights on both their current teams and candidates to base their hiring decisions on.
Trusty turns referrals into an easy, 100% automated, and fully integrated process. For your employees, and most of all for your recruiting team.
Empower your team to create, send, track, manage & e-sign contracts within Teamtailor. Automate workflows & speed up the process from offer to sign.
Put your candidates first - join over 5,000 leading organisations already using one-way video interviews screen and hire in less time. Willo connects you with the talented people you're looking for, wherever they are in the world. is a cloud-based service for digital reference checks. Modern, efficient and secure for everyone involved.
Assess the top of the funnel without breaking the bank. Streamlined integration to all evali psychometric assessments for reduced administration and increased candidate satisfaction
Wow your new employees directly with a great onboarding experience. Learnifier can help you keep your candidates engaged and boost productivity from day one!
An all-in-one HR system that enables you to make data-driven decisions and handles all your HR processes securely and with ease.
Go beyond the CV, assess candidates' Soft-skills and give them the opportunity to express their motivation through Visiotalent experience.
Give yourself - and your future talents - the best possible start of the employment! Assess the candidate and build engagement early in the recruitment process. Roll out preboarding at contract signage. Get started today and build engagement through 4 simple steps.
Hailey HR
Hailey is a next-gen HRIS for modern companies that want to reduce the number of HR-tools and provide their employees with a beautiful and truly user-friendly solution.
SRI offers qualified candidate background checks with several options for depth, complexity, analysis, cyber-vetting and helpful interview questions.
Where the best engineering teams are built
Use our premium Programming Aptitude Test to valuate your candidates. The Kattis tests are both enjoyable for the candidates, and provide great insight into their abilities.
Bamboo HR
The #1 #HR software for small and medium businesses.
Identify and recruit the best talents with SHL unmatched portfolio of assessments including personality, cognitive ability and technical skills
You will be able to take safer and faster decisions in the recruitment process with Master’s complete range of online tools for talent acquisition.
The most user-friendly, affordable and effective one-way video interviews in TeamTailor
The World's First Experience-Driven Onboarding Platform! Empowering HR to build and deliver experiences that managers and new hires love
Linkedin RSC
Always stay in sync and simplify your hiring process with RSC, an integration between Linkedin Recruiter and Teamtailor
Gamified Soft Skills Assessment. Identify your candidates’ skills and analyze their fit with your needs. Speed up your recruitment process reducing your recruiting spends and rise you hiring accuracy.
Your global assessment partner to identify and select the best candidates, develop your workforce and create a more efficient and streamlined recruitment process.
HRMatch is a matching solution used to calculate the adequacy between a resume and a job offer, in order to quickly identify the best candidates.
Digital assessments and services designed to identify and engage your best-fit candidates.
Easyrecrue Video
One platform to manage the talent lifecycle, from passive candidate to thriving employee.
Great People Inside
Great People Inside helps you hire the right people, engage and retain them, improve team dynamics, drive performance, boost sales and increase wellbeing.
Cinode Employee
Cinode is the leading Skills Management platform that helps companies identify, visualize, and grow their skills supply.
With fast, secure, and cost-effective legal background checks, we make everyday life easier and the days shorter for you as a recruiter.
People HR
People is an HR system for progressive HR professionals who want to automate repetitive tasks and deliver high-impact results for their organisation.
JobMatch Talent (JMT) is an in-depth precision test for recruitment and development, suitable for individual employees and managers as well as for groups. With 30 work-related qualities it gives you a nuanced image of the person tested.
Gusto is a modern, online people platform that helps small businesses take care of their teams. On top of full-service payroll, Gusto offers health insurance, 401(k)s, expert HR, and team management tools.
At Paylocity, caring is in our makeup. It’s who we are. We’re more than a cutting-edge HR and payroll tech company with crazy good reviews (just sayin'). We're people.
Thomas Int.
At Thomas we help people, teams and organisations unlock their potential by making the complex nature of human behaviour , aptitude and personality easier for everyone to understand.
Apply with LinkedIn
Enable your candidates to apply for jobs faster using their Linkedin profile
Adocka Cloud is a modern service in the cloud for you who run staffing companies. We help you digitize your work and, above all, create new business. Do you also want to let the power of the cloud work for your business?
The Predictive Index
Hire the right candidates for the job. Inspire your leaders & staff to perform at their best. With PI you get an all-in-one data driven solution, from recruiting, on-boarding, individual, leader and team development. And you get access to the world’s leading, scientifically validated psychometric tests directly in your Teamtailor account. Certified by DNV and rated “Leader Summer 2022” by G2 in 4 categories including best pre-employment testing software!
Verified First
As your #1 All-American team, Verified First offers a streamlined screening experience. With revolutionary technology and a slick, patented browser integration, Verified First instantly connects with Teamtailor's HR platform, providing clients a turn-key experience with top-notch client care.
Happy people, successful organizations. Let our Dream Candidate Algorithm predict which candidate will flourish in your organization.
Seamlessly continue that great candidate experience once the top talent is hired. Save time and improve the employee experience by automating repetitive tasks in key employee moments - from onboarding to offboarding.
Finding joy at work and the perfect match doesn’t have to be hard. Recruit with industry-leading validity and candidate satisfaction, using the most flexible and user-friendly platform to scientifically assess soft skills at work

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