Deel x Teamtailor – HR Deep Dive into Recruitment Metrics

Unlocking Success: Improve Your Hiring Process Through Data-Driven Decision-Making.

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Webinar 🚀

🗓 January, 31st, 2024

🕰 11:00 CET

Unlock new levels of recruitment success

It’s no secret that data-driven recruitment is the way forward in the HR world.

We have exciting news to share with you: 

On January 31st, 2024, we will host a webinar together with Deel focused on helping you to unlock new levels of recruitment success. 

The focus of the webinar is on giving you a winning advantage when it comes to increasing efficiency and performance within recruitment. 🎉

Further the webinar will cover everything you need to know about recruitment metrics, KPIs, and data-driven decision-making in the recruitment process. 🌟

Sign up through the form below and learn what the most effective metrics are and how you can implement them to improve your hiring process and empower your HR department. 🎯

Speakers ✨

Lisa Skinner Källström

CHRO, Teamtailor

Lisa Skinner Källström heads the HR team at Teamtailor. Lisa has 15+ years of experience from industries such as Tech, Gaming and Consulting/professional services - always in international settings. She is passionate about people and business in combination! By driving the HR/People agenda Lisa enjoys being an essential part of the success and growth of the companies she engages with.

Ben Dowse

Head of People, SwipeGuide

Hi 👋 I'm Ben. As the Head of People at a SaaS scaleup, I take care of People, Culture & Recruitment from A-Z while actively organizing SwipeGuide for sustainable growth. 

Why People & Culture? I have always been interested in human behaviour, group dynamics and psychology. I am at my best when translating strategy into action for scale-ups and when "nerding-out" on People & Culture topics.

Felix Bindels

HR Business Partner, MAG45

Experienced HR professional with 8+ years in diverse roles. I'm currently steering HR at MAG45, a top European industrial integrator. Armed with dual Master's degrees, I excel in HR development, recruiting, and employee relations. Managing HR stakeholders across 10 countries, I ensure seamless cyclical processes and act as a change liaison.

Alan Price

Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Deel

Alan runs Talent Acquisition globally at Deel. He was part of the founding team & VP of People at Dott and was a Talented Acquisition Leader at Uber, Wolt, and Google.

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