Geef je recruitment een boost met onze integraties


Thrive’s technology platform provides the ability for businesses to become data-driven in their hiring decisions, by assessing candidates on job-specific ability and personality traits to determine how successful they will be in the role.

Thrive’s technology platform provides the ability to be more data-driven in the decisions you make about your people, both candidates and employees. Moving away from the subjective and into a more ethical, scientifically validated and objective approach.

Tool 1 uses hiring assessments to test candidates for the critical traits required to perform in the role, reducing the risk of hiring the wrong person and giving you data to be more detailed in interviews.

Tool 2 measures and improves employee performance, culture, wellbeing, engagement and retention which if you measure you can improve.

Thrive’s job-specific assessments are fully customisable and the data that sits behind the assessments is powered by Aon. Use Thrive:

  • For the best science in the market
  • To streamline your recruitment process
  • To save you making bad hires
  • To be fair and ethical in the recruitment process
  • To improve employee performance & culture