Geef je recruitment een boost met onze integraties


Fast, affordable and compliant. Based in Sweden with global coverage and a process that is acclaimed by both recruiters and candidates, ToFindOut’s digital and easy-to-use integration lets you experience background checks as a seamless part of your daily work

A fast and quality assured hiring process can reduce costs and enhance your company's reputation.

By letting ToFindOut carry out objective background checks, you get a transparent process for both candidates and recruiters and reduce the risk of arbitrary assessments.

As the Nordic region's leading background check company we enhance the quality in recruitment and compliance processes. We create value and security for all parties regardless of where the candidate has lived before with our global coverage.

With ToFindOut you can lean on us to have the expert knowledge in these areas. We deliver fact-based, relevant and reliable reports in a modern digital interface, to support your decision-making.

Together we create safe workplaces by delivering the market's most value-creating background checks – that’s why we call it Background Check as a Service.