Connect — build great relationships with candidates

Connect is the perfect start to a relationship between your company and the candidate. This update makes it easy for you to give them a great experience as they learn more about your company, and you get to know them.

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Connect is the smart feature that brings your candidates and company close. It makes it possible for candidates to show their interest in working with you, and for them to get to know you better. As they show which department and role they are interested in, you are proactively building your talent pool and making it easy to find the right profile at the right time. The candidate relationship automatically gets nurtured as they subscribe to getting alerted about new open jobs.

A perfect way of keeping the door open for those great candidates that might not have found a fitting job opening, or that aren’t ready to apply just yet.

We’ve now released an update that makes Connect even more powerful, personal and informational. You can now add content and questions for specific departments, see the candidate experience, edit all settings in one place — and let’s not forget about the looks. Connect has a fresh design that makes your content stand out.

A fresh, new design

Connect has been revamped with a sleek, modern look that is more intuitive but also enhances user navigation. Plus, you now have the option to customise your Connect page with a cover image, adding a personal touch for your company.

Customize for departments and roles

As candidates connect with you, they choose which department and role they are most interested in. You can now make sure to greet them with a personalised experience that lets them get to know you and your team. Ask questions specific for the department, show content that relates to their interest and make it easy to get to know you more.

Simplified settings

To improve the users’ experience, we’ve brought all Connect settings into a single, accessible location. This means you can effortlessly manage your content and editor settings, and even preview the candidate experience, all from one place. It’s just as intuitive as managing the career site.

Add more content

Get ready to bring your Connect pages to life! We’re introducing the ability to upload videos, GIFs, images, and posts directly to Connect. This update opens up new avenues for creativity and engagement with the companies connected candidates.

Light or dark mode

Candidates can now decide how they want to view your content, with a setting for light, dark or system mode. They can also change the theme and choose a different accent color.

And lastly... it’s faster!

We’ve done lots of improvements to the performance and the Connect page is now noticeably faster for candidates to use 🚀

We hope you will like getting to know the new Connect, we are sure your candidates will appreciate getting to know your company and team.

❤️ / The Product Team

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