Latest Integrations - Winter 2023

We’re excited to launch several new integrations, with amazing HR systems, smart assessment tools, diligent background checkers, and essential job boards.

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The winter season is filled with food, drinks, and cozy times with family and friends. What better time to work closer together with our partners? We’re excited to launch several new integrations, with amazing HR systems, smart assessment tools, diligent background checkers, and essential job boards.

So what’s new?

At Teamtailor we aim to help you to manage your recruitment in a modern way that makes you (and your candidates!) smile. We’re not doing that alone, so in the upcoming blog post we'll walk you through the latest integrations that allow you to push your recruitment metrics to the next level this winter ❄️


Find Crosschq in our marketplace

With the Teamtailor x Crosschq integration you can fully automate your reference checking!

Crosschq created the Talent Intelligence Cloud™ with the mission to help the world build diverse, winning teams. From digital reference checks to new talent sourcing, pulse surveys, and AI-driven predictive Quality of Hire, Crosschq empowers talent leaders to make bias-free, data-driven hiring decisions, fast. 

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Delta by Psicosoft

Find Delta in our marketplace

Combining Delta (by Psicosoft) with Teamtailor allows you to create a fully automated assessment flow!

The Delta platform is a SaaS tool that enables accurate assessment of skills, competencies, aptitudes, and languages. It has more than 15 tools that comply with all the scientific-technical guarantees of reliability and validity and allows decisions to be made based on objective data in selection processes and development.

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The Selection Lab

Find The Selection Lab in our marketplace

The Selection Lab is next-generation assessment technology to match candidates based on soft skills. The integration with Teamtailor allows you to go next-NEXT-gen by automating your assessment process!With The Selection Lab's accessible and smart-assessment you can:

  • Discover the competencies, motives, cultural preferences, and intelligence of your candidates.
  • Compare your candidates with tons of benchmarks.
  • Generate the best possible interview questions based on the outcome of the assessment and the role the candidate applied for.
  • Provide your candidates with a beautiful and smooth candidate experience

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Find HoorayHR in our marketplace

Fully automate your recruitment with the Teamtailor x HoorayHR integration by sending freshly hired candidates straight into your HR system!HoorayHR, the all-in-one HR tool that everyone just gets. HoorayHR is an easy-to-use HR tool for SMEs. With HoorayHR all your HR processes are streamlined. Away with loose Excel spreadsheets and documents lying around. With HoorayHR you will never forget another HR task and your employees will be super happy with you as an employer!

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People In

Find People In in our marketplace

With the Teamtailor x People In integration you can invite your candidates directly from the comfort of your Teamtailor account!

People In is a professional platform for preselecting candidates based on skills assessments, evaluating the future talents of companies. It allows for the evaluation of a key skill for the position and takes the form of a customized online practical case, replacing the traditional submission of a CV.

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Criteria Corp

Find Criteria in our marketplace

The seamless integration with Teamtailor enables you to harness the power of scientifically developed and validated assessments!

Better talent begins with better insights. Upgrade your workforce with a 360-degree platform focused on improving your talent acquisition outcomes. Access tools that empower you to identify best-fit talent through candidate assessments and focused interviews, as well as develop and grow high-performing teams, post-hire.

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Find TriNet in our marketplace

By activating the Teamtailor x TriNet integration, you'll be able to add triggers that automatically send hired candidates to TriNet.

TriNet is a professional employer organization (PEO) that provides SMBs with full-service HR solutions tailored by industry. To free SMBs from time-consuming HR complexities, TriNet offers access to human capital expertise, benefits, risk mitigation and compliance, payroll and real-time technology. From Main Street to Wall Street, TriNet empowers SMBs to focus on what matters most—growing their business.

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Find Corvirtus in our marketplace

Looking for a hiring and retention solution? Corvirtus position and industry-specific hiring assessments select candidates with the traits needed to perform, fit your culture, and stay. Our solutions are validated and proven predictors of performance across industries including healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and retail. Select from situational, cognitive ability, personality, and value/culture-fit assessments to create a ready-to-implement or customized assessment that meets your needs for predicting performance and delivering the ideal candidate experience.

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Job boards

Reaching your candidates is just as important as making them smile during the hiring process, therefore we added new job boards to the Promote tab!

That’s a wrap for 2023! We’re so excited to support our customers together with these amazing partners.

Make sure to check out the Teamtailor integration page regularly! We are always connecting to new tools. If you think we’re missing something, please let us know at

With love,

Team Partnerships ❤️



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