The 7 Keys to a Great Career Site

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A great career site doesn't just appear by magic. It's the very first step that your company has with its candidates, letting them know what you offer, what it's like working for you, and why they should choose you over competitors.

In this blog, we outline seven tips that we believe will help create the perfect career site for attracting top talent.

As we all know, the career site is a powerful tool that most, if not all, companies utilize to attract new talent. In fact, these days, presenting a clear and compelling image of your company is the most important thing you can do to get more applicants and hire the best employees.

No matter what kind of company you are, you have to develop a sound employer branding strategy. When determining your strategy, it is essential that you clearly state the desired candidate profile, the values and principles guiding your company, and your company's history and mission. It's also important to provide a unique value offer and create relevant and compelling content. It's like being on a first date, you have to make a good first impression before you can get to know the other person.

1. Tell your company's story: The first thing to keep in mind for your career site is that you have to explain what your business is about, what you provide, and what you offer society as a whole. This humanizes your company and helps prospective candidates learn more about your company's history.

2. Introduce your team: It makes sense that a candidate would want to meet the team behind the company. To help them do so, provide a section on your site with pictures and job titles. London-based marketing agency, Tailify, is an example of this, providing a personal element to their career site.

3. Present your company's departments: It is always important to show the various departments that make up your company. This helps interested candidates easily find the role that interest them most.

4. Testimonials and reviews: If you have successfully created a good employee experience, why not show the world? Include a section where your employees can share their experience as well as their opinion of their position and company. 

5. Videos: Since the boom of social media, videos have been one of the most common sources of information. Videos are a creative, entertaining way to learn and teach. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to develop your creativity and show your videos to others? Whether educational, informative, or interactive, there's no limit to what you can create. Take Decathlon, for example, a sporting goods retailer whose career site has many different kinds of videos:

6. Identify your job openings: Your career site should state your current openings and what you offer. This makes it easy for candidates to find the most relevant position for them.

7. Create your own jobs dashboard: As with the previous point, you have to create a good jobs dashboard. This enables you to show each opening in such a way that candidates do not have to leave your career site to apply for a specific vacancy. In this case, we can mention major fashion brand, Fred Perry, whose career site features a dashboard that contains their open positions and allows prospective candidates to apply for these directly, thanks to tools like Teamtailor.

The benefits of a career site

Last but not least, here are some of the benefits of following our advice for perfecting your career site:

  • Automated administration and management: Your HR department's administrative processes become far more agile with a career site that contains the necessary information as well as a jobs dashboard that is linked to your selection software. 
  • Greater sense of unity: By providing more information about your team's day-to-day work on your career site, you promote a robust corporate culture and strengthen your team's sense of belonging. 
  • Greater transparency: Communicating your open positions on your own website ensures greater transparency over information about the job, eliminates intermediaries, and avoids unreasonable expectations about the position or your company. Furthermore, this helps candidates make the best decision while also increasing their confidence in the hiring process.
  • Greater visibility over metrics: A good career site gives you a better picture of your recruitment strategy. Your individual departments can then evaluate the effectiveness of measures they take by means of data like the candidate conversion rate, the most powerful recruitment channels, or the average time it takes them to close a vacancy. 

In conclusion, a great career site must be designed to meet the needs of employers as well as job applicants. To do this successfully, it is essential that your career site is easy to use, has an appealing design, and provides detailed, useful information on open positions. Use this guide to attract the very best talent!

Teamtailor helps more than 8,500 companies around the world attract talent with its all-in-one recruitment software, which includes a powerful, candidate-first career site. Let us show you how you can build an attractive career site.

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