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One huge part of recruiting successfully is having access to the right data and statistics. This empowers decisions made in your team, and can help you decide which direction you should be going. We want to make sure that you always stay on top of your recruitment, and that's why we're proud to present our latest addition to Analytics that gives all of our users a brand new feature for creating custom reports. This allows users to combine different columns and filters to tailor the report they need. 

We want you to be able to create your reports exactly as you want them, sit back and relax — and let Teamtailor crunch the numbers for you.  

In this release we've also launched two new default reports; the Jobs and Employee report. These reports give you the breakdown of all jobs and employees and will give you valuable new information.

Custom reports



Focus on current data and customise as many reports as you need and save them. After saving them, you and your team will be able to access them at any time. They'll be updated with the latest data every time you or your teammates open them. 

The custom reports are based on jobs, and the data and information around jobs. Select which columns you want for your report, and drag and drop them to control in which order they should appear.

Available columns are: title, locations, department, total applications, hires, created, recruiter, id, role, sourced applications, applications in inbox, applications in process, rejects, status, remote status, internal, tags, published at, end date and start date. 

Add filters to only show exactly what you want to see, you can add as many as you want to. The filters will give you different operators like equal to, greater or less than, matches,  contains any or all etc. You will be able to get into detail and combine the filters you need. 

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Click Calculate in the bottom of the report to select how you want to calculate the different columns. You can of course always export all reports as a CSV file, so that you can benefit from this information in any way you want to.

Read more about custom reports. 

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Job report


Our new job report shows you an overview of your jobs, as well as all active jobs. By clicking on the jobs you'll see the full job report, that will give you information about the funnel, conversion rates, the hiring team's activity and more. Stay on top of how all jobs are doing with this overview, and access the detailed reports instantly.

Job_report_-_Audience (1)Job_report_-_Recruitment


You get to this report either by going to Analytics --> Jobs, or by going to the Analytics tab in your job view.

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Read more about the job report.


Employee report

Get a full breakdown of the activity in your team and how everybody is doing. See who your top employees are when it comes to activity. Select by which activity you want to measure your employees, and break it down by overall activity or specific actions like sent messages, reviews etc.


Click on the names to see all details about their activity and progress, and keep track of the important happenings in the team.



Read more about the employee report.


We really hope you and your team enjoy these new updates, and that it will help you with your recruitment efforts in the future. Go check it out in your account right now! Thank you for reading. 

With ❤️ from the Teamtailor product team

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