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Yep, time for Teamtailor to put some new clothes on and slightly change our look and touch. The redesign of our app has been both aesthetic- and purpose driven. We wanted to get a fresh look and feel, and at the same time build upon a more user-friendly approach.

Rather than starting from scratch, we continued to build upon what we already had and refined, strengthened, and refreshed the Teamtailor app. We didn’t want to create something that would be unrecognizable to our existing users.

So, what’s new? To give you a bit of an understanding around our new app design, here are some of the key changes and why we made them.

  • Layout. To deliver a cleaner and clearer message we changed the base layout of our app. With a fluid design, and fixed left main navigation we have not only given our users a clarified message, the new layout is also better suited for future updates and improvements of our app.
  • Color scheme. We have to look good, right? Our new colors work in harmony and creates a good hierarchy. It brings more visual appeal and usability to our app.
  • Focus-mode. When it comes to content it’s all about legibility. We wanted to make sure the content was in focus. Whether you’re filling in a form or adding a new member to your hiring team, we want the user to focus on the content—not being distracted by anything else.
  • Font. We changed to a font that brings clarity and readability to our app.
  • Symbols. They’re everywhere. Among the first things we learn and it plays an important part of our daily lives. It’s about effective communication and that’s what we’re bringing cross-over our app when complementing with good symbols. For example, the main navigation can collapse into a narrow list of symbols, enabling our users to take full advantage of their screen size. It brings another level of user experience.

There are plenty more improvements that have been made behind the scenes. But that is all for now.

We hope you’ll like our new design and we would be more than happy if you let us know what you think of it.

As a summary we think we have created an overall better experience for our users, and we are—super excited about it.

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