Auto-add candidate information with Resume Parser

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Valérie Downey

A lot of time is spent on adding candidates to a candidate pool that, for one reason or another, need to be added by you.
Adding simple information about candidates like their name or contact information isn’t something you – or we – want you to spend your time on 👩🏽‍💻
So yes, we’re automating this to take it off your hands!
When you add a candidate, simply drag and drop the CV of your candidate here: 
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The resume parser will automatically fill in the basic data from their CV. This includes their name, email, phone number, and LinkedIn URL. Their CV will automatically attach to the candidate.
All this without you having to lift a finger 👊
Then, simply click “Add candidate” to add them to your candidate pool. 
We want to save you the hassle, even in the small moments. In the end, these short moments aggregate to hours of saved time ⏰ It’s in the little things. 
That’s it for now. As always, we’re here if you have questions. 
From yours truly 🌟

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