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There's nothing like a fresh and good looking dashboard, that instantly gives you all the information you need for your work. We aim to make you recruit better and faster, and we believe this new feature will save you time and make your workday even better. 

Our product team has worked long and hard to give you the best experience when logging in to Teamtailor and starting your work. This new dashboard will give you: 

  • Clear overview of your todos. Get a better workflow with your todos right on top of your dashboard. 
  • Overview of your jobs and the latest activity. 
  • See your calendar as well as upcoming events.
  • Read our product updates to make sure that you are on top of your recruitment game. 
  • Get some short information and tips on how to improve your recruitment, with our new "Did you know" section. 
  • Quick overview of your Analytics to make sure you are converting visitors
  • If you're the appointed GDPR Manager for your company, you will also see an overview of your current removal requests, etc. 

Note that your dashboard is tailored after the access you have. You may see fewer things than the ones listed above.  

Enjoy your new dashboard and take control of your work. Let us know what you think of this new feature 🌟

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