Bulk edit Jobs and Employees

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Do you have lots of jobs that you want to unlist at the same time? Or a lot of employees that you want to change user roles on? It's now possible with our new bulk edit functionality 🤩

Below we've listed the available actions that you can use to streamline your workflow. Try it out in Teamtailor by first clicking on Bulk select at the top right. 

For Jobs, you can bulk change:

  • Status
  • Recruiter
  • Locations
  • Audience (if applicable)
  • Department and role
  • Remote status

With this update, we also gave the Jobs view an improved look to make it even easier to overview.


For Employees, you can bulk change:

  • Role
  • Location
  • Department
  • Delete


We really hope you like this update. We'll be back with more new features soon! 

With ❤️ from the Product Team


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