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We said it before, let’s say it again—at Teamtailor we believe that hiring should be a team effort. Well, we just launched some amazing new features that are going to make teamwork a zillion times easier for you.


Collaborating inside Teamtailor is made a lot easier with the addition of Mentions. Now Hiring teams and admins can notify each other and start conversations on a candidate to make better decisions. No need to leave Teamtailor to send an instant message or email a co-worker. Just @mention them in a note and they’ve got your attention through the new notification center.

Extended notes

Notes have already been able to be scheduled as an event and being privately posted. We now bring the possibility to attach a file with a note. We know the frustration of sharing documents via sharing apps, or even worse, emails. Being able to post documents right on a candidate is another great way to keep everything and everyone on the same page.

External feedback

Want feedback on candidates from someone outside of your organisation? Sure, you now have the possibility to securely share or bulk share candidates. The receiver has the option to leave feedback that pops right back on the candidates profile.

Better workflow

In addition to bringing these features into Teamtailor we started off by simplifying the candidate section, with a better overview and smarter workflows. Dividing the view into two separated flows brings clarity and ability to focus better. Left side is all about you and the candidate while interaction feeds; activities, reviews and emails take place on the right side. The top of the feeds is where your toolbox lives—this is where all main interaction on a candidate takes place.

View it in action to get a better look at what we have been working on lately.

As a summary we think we have created an overall better experience for our users, enable Human Resources to efficiently work together with the rest of the organisation—communicating your way to better hiring decisions.

Oh, and yes. We are—super excited about it.

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