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It's here. The feature we are so proud to offer to our users and their candidates — is here in a new form. We want you to deepen your relationship with your candidates, and make it possible for them to interact with you in new ways.

On average, over 10.000 new candidates connect with our users every day. Being connected with you means that candidates get to present themselves to you in new ways and stand out from the crowd. They categorize themselves in to departments and roles, so that you immediately know what they prefer to do. They also receive emails about job openings that match their profile. This all happens while our users are simultaneously growing their talent pool. We are so happy to present this new look and new features that are included in Connect from today. 

Connect is the smart and interactive feature that makes it possible for your candidates to get even closer to you. 


Brand new design

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The new Connect page focuses even more on getting the visitor to connect with you. A clean new interface makes it easy for the candidate to know what their next step should be.  This page will automatically match your brand colors. 

Candidates' own hub

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Candidates will have options to present themselves to you by adding information about themselves and answer any questions you might have. They can also take a look at your open positions or follow your social media accounts. If they have applied for a job, they will also be able to see their application and edit it in Connect. 

Just like before, you can add any questions you like your candidates to answer in your Connect settings. With this new update, you will also be able to change the default welcome message that greets every newly connected candidate. 

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Transparent recruiting

With this launch, we are also releasing a brand new feature in your Skillcenter.

Enabling this feature will give your candidates another option in their Connect dashboard. They will be able to follow along on the progress of their application. Give your candidates full insight by allowing them to see if their application has been viewed, moved forward from the inbox or rejected. They will also be able to see when they get hired. If you have rejected a candidate with a delayed email, they will not be able to see that they have been rejected before the email is sent.

Transparent recruiting is guaranteed to impress candidates and ensure them that you are going the extra mile. 

With this feature enabled, you are still able to turn it off for specific jobs if you would like to.

transparent recruiting


This is only the beginning...

Our new Connect is built to offer you and your team new ways to show your company to your connected candidates. We are very excited about the future and what new features we will be able to offer you.

Go to your own Connect page and try out the new flow! We hope you love it as much as we do. 

/The Teamtailor Product team ❤️


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