Custom Fields have arrived!

Valérie Downey

Every company values different kinds of information from candidates to help them make better-informed decisions. In order to help you customise your candidate card with the information that suits you best, we've added the possibility to create "Custom fields" to add to your candidate card 👏   
Keep your recruitment customised and structured with our newly-released "Custom fields" feature!
 Get started under “Settings.” You’ll find a new section called “Custom fields.” 
Create your first custom field and choose fields such as an additional email or phone number, checkbox, URL, or a general number field. 
After adding fields, you’ll see them listed here:

These fields will show up on every candidate card. They're super easy to fill out: simply click on the field and add the information. In fact, edit all fields on the candidate this way!
To delete custom fields, do so under your Custom fields settings. When you delete a custom field, you will delete all of the information from the custom fields from every candidate. 
Here's to keeping things creative and clear!🥂We're here if you need anything. 

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