Customise your Teamtailor Dashboard!

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Valérie Downey

Recruitment is unique for every company, and your dashboard should be the same! In order to help you optimise your efforts and focus on what’s important to you, we’ve made it possible for you to customise your dashboard to your liking, and with more widgets 🚀
Customise your dashboard by dragging and dropping widgets into the structure of your choice. Or, remove widgets you're not interested in seeing and add ones that give you a better overview of your work. 
Click on “Widget Library” in the lower left-hand corner in order to pick the widgets of your choice. 
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Customise your dashboard with company-wide achievements or focus areas with widgets such as “latest hire” or “recent connects.” 
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If you’re an admin user, you can create a custom widget for your company. For example, write messages for all users’ dashboards or create a list of valuable links for them to keep handy on their dashboard. 
As an admin, you can also choose company-wide widgets – that is, widgets that will show up on all user dashboards. Add them above the line in order for them to become visible to all users in your company. For example, create a custom widget and then add it above the line in order to “publish” the widget on all of your colleagues’ dashboards. 
Here’s a list of all of the widgets you can add to your dashboard:
Latest hire
Internal jobs
Career stats
Recent connects
My jobs
Data & privacy
Product updates
My todos
Did you know...
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A customised dashboard makes the information you find important as accessible as possible. Your homepage is now officially yours – have fun with it!

We know a lot of our users have requested this feature, and now it’s here! The power of feedback – it does make a difference 👏 Thank you to all of our awesome users and let us know if you have any questions. 

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