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Valérie Downey

You know the feeling when someone uses an emoji to perfectly describe a situation or emotion? You may burst out laughing or your heart may warm. They just get you. 
Emojis elicit this kind of positive emotional response, and bridge the gap between what we write and what we actually want to say. They help us understand each other – and that’s all any of us really want.
Because of this, emojis have become a powerful tool in communication. They’re way past being a phenomenon or fad – they are changing the way we interact with each other as a whole. 
Here at Teamtailor, we’ve been using emojis since day one. We’ve seen how it boosts interactions between team members and creates a positive team spirit. It may sound silly, but emojis help keep our workplace encouraging and personal. We celebrate every win – big or small – with a lot of these: 🎉and use plenty of 🚀and ❤️. We also use a fair share of custom emojis, including a dancing parrot. It’s cool.
We want to make this kind of easy and fun communication accessible for our users too. It’s paramount to building successful teams. 
That’s why we’re making it possible to react with emojis in Teamtailor 🤩
When a teammate adds a note to a Candidate card or a Scorecard, the hiring team can react with any and all emojis! Express yourself and communicate in a way that works best for your team.
Go to the Candidate card to react to an activity – visible on the right side of the candidate card. Hover over an activity and click on the little emoji icon on the right hand side. This is also accessible on the Notes and Scorecard section of the Candidate card, as well as under the “Collaborate” tab when you’re working inside a job.
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emojis all
You can see how other team members have reacted to an activity and add the same reaction by clicking on it. To take away a reaction you’ve added, simply click on the reaction you want to remove and it will disappear. Give a 👍🏼 or 👎🏼 or 🤩 or 😍or ✅ ... you get it.
emojis reactions
An emoji may be all you need to feel encouraged on a bad day. Small details have a big impact and these reactions make communication fun – a great reason to 🎉!

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