Recruit on Facebook with Your Own App

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Suzan Dil

Everybody's on Facebook. You, your candidates, even your candidate's parents. So we wanted to make sure your company has the possibility to recruit there as well.

A career site on your Facebook page

We set out to create a great-looking, modern and easy-to-use Facebook app, and this is the result. By using our app, our users get what's practically a full career site, on their Facebook page. Isn't that great?

Now you can give your candidates a seamless experience, by allowing them to apply, share and like your job ads directly on Facebook.

Plus, the setup procedure is super easy and takes about 30 seconds. If you are a Teamtailor user, just go to your career site editor and set it up!

We imagine a lot of your Facebook followers are on their mobile devices. No worries – of course they can apply to your jobs with their devices, making the whole process mobile.

The future is here :)

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